Glossary of People and Places

Abarim A secretive people known on both continents as merciless killers and worshipers of evil demons and gods.

Ascendant/Ascension/Ascended The process to which a mortal crosses the boundary between mortality and immortality. Some ascended become heroes or villains, some become scholars who hide from the eye of mortals, still others develop a cult following and eventually become worshiped like the gods.

Ancient Mylox A collection of kingdoms that forged a new nation after the fall of Imperial Mylox.

Angland A densely forested Kingdom on northeastern Oessar. It’s people are known to be stubborn and proud.

Anglander The people of northeast Oessar, known for their great sense of personal honor.

Anzek The people of Anz, a brash belligerent hostile bunch of men and women.

Ardeen Falls In Mylox on the Mundus river. The falling waters of the river power the mystic engines of the master of Castle Torgson.

Aushevain: The sixth of seven Dragon Lords of Anz. Aushevain was a sinewey long limbed wingless beast of pale orange and white scales. His fortress is said to be deep within the Tierro jungles of southern Anz.

Auveshistan was a country in southwestern Oessar that was captured by the forces of the New Dominion early in their conquest, and made an example of. Since then most nations that the New Dominion have pressured have capitulated and become “independent” vassal states.

Azure Sea Also called the inner sea, it is the generally calm body of water that separates the northern (Oessar) and southern (Khemet) continents. It is thick with trade vessels and the pirates that prey upon them.

Barrier Peaks The Mountains of Western Anz that separate the Magocracy from the blighted lands of the Chaos Wastes.

Bastion Stones Magical artifacts that ring the Chaos Wastes, erected to dampen the rate at which the Chaso Taint is spreading.

Bay of Ortoze The northern large bay of the Azure sea. The massive bay is really more of a sea and no less than two countries and two city states have large port cities on its coasts.

Bestin Once a small fishing village in Auveshistan, this quiet village was transformed nearly overnight into an industrial port with the conquest of the New Dominion.

Bestoll An abandoned Anzish city to the West of the Barrier Peaks it is fifteen miles within the edge of the Chaos Wastes.

Brindinford A small city on the edge of the expanding Chaos Wastes. It is situated midway along an old trade road between Reme and Sanctuary a road less used each year as merchants are beginning to prefer the predictability of the waterways and the pirates over the unpredictable predations of chaos monstrosities.

Calyxian A person from Dread Calyx.

Castle Torgson This keep straddles the upper reaches of the river Mundus above the Ardeen Falls and is home to the inventor wizard Anscillion.

Chaos Host A cult of madmen and savages, they live to spread the chaos taint unleashed during the Great Sundering. Most commonly found along the spreading border of the Chaos Wastes preying upon travelers and small villages.

Chaos Waste A significant region of the Eastern Wastes inundated with the alien radiations from the open Warren of Chaos. All living things be they flora or fauna have been twisted into nightmarish creatures from beyond. Dozens of small cities and one major metropolis lie within the bounds of the Chaos Waste and lure foolhardy adventurers and plunderers to their doom. The Chaos Wastes are slowly spreading a point which has all of the regions powers nervous.

Corpus Infernus An aspect of the Warren of Chaos known for its purity of evil and chaos.

Dampfrat Cold Swamps in Northern Nemmadia.

Desembier The Myloxian god of War, and patron to soldiers his death at the hands of the Dragon Lords of Anz led to the Great Sundering and the unleashing of the Warren of Chaos.

Dol-Honese The people of the New Dominion.

Dragon Lords of Anz A group of seven soltaken Ascended powers that ruled Anz from 1374 bs until 1925 bs. These soltaken were all of Dragon forms and ruled the Mageocracy of Anz jointly with an eye for expansion. Their rule was undone in the final conflict with Imperial Mylox on the Fields of Velda when the Dragon Lords captured the Myloxian war god Desembier and slew him. The backlash from this ripped open a gate to the Warren of Chaos and seemingly destroyed all seven Dragon Lords, both armies and the capital city Karsis. This event has hence become known as The Great Sundering and now marks the divide between old and current history on the Myloxian Calendar.

Dread Calyx A mysterious nation south of the Khemit continent. Calyxian society is dominated by a rigid caste system at the top of which are ranks of the living dead who themselves are separated into multiple sub-casts dependent upon personal accomplishments. Below the living dead is the domain of living men and women who hold lower positions of power and strive to rise into the ranks of the living dead. The lowest caste is that of the undead both mindless and mindful who are a servitor aste to both the living man and living dead.

Dun-Ador An Eldar race that predates the rise of man. Shorter in stature but wide and stout. The Dun-Ador are known as expert craftsmen of stone and metal.

Dun Eamon Also called “The Gray Citadel” is a dreary city perched on a narrow island between to massive falls on the river Elamon. The city was built by the Dun-Ador in times past but control of it has fallen to the Myloxians, though the city does sport a small community of Dun-Ador. This close nit community is probably why the city is known far and wide for the quality of its stone and metal works.

Dyrn’s Relief A mighty Anzish Fortress that guards the Western entrance into the Pass of Dragons, the only widely known route through the Barrier Peaks. The fortress is held by a Noble Anzish Governor who has an entire Anzish army (The 9th Dragon Host) at his disposal. Despite that Dyrn’s Relief and the small city of Dragon Shadow that lies below the fortress is known to be a hotbed of corruption and is infested by foreign agents, spies and smugglers.

The Eastern Wastes An expansive land covering a great portion of Eastern Oessar that is not considered a part of any kingdom. It was here that the mighty Dragon Lords of Anz fought Impreial Mylox. The spreading taint of the open Warren of Chaos has pushed civilization from these lands leaving the protection of stubborn communities to strong men and bandits. The Eastern Wastes are a land of opportunity for brave treasure hunters as rumors of unoccupied cities and tombs tempts hundreds of foolish souls to their doom each year.

Elamon, river The river Elamon is a tributary of the river Mundus. It flows north our of the mountains before bending with the landscape around and to the west and south where it flows into the broad Mundus river. All but the lowest sections of the river are impassible to river traffic due to the numerous dangerous cascades and falls.

Eliwyn the Tree of Life Goddess of nature, undiluted innocence, purity, the abundant life of the world, and hope. In the Myloixian Pantheon.

Emperor Keldrakos The final emperor of Mylox who’s unrelenting conquest of the Eastern Marches led to the devastating war with the Dragon Lords of Anz and eventually to the Great Sundering. Cast from his thrown in the decade after the Great Sundering by rival nobles he and his family slipped into obscurity.

Eredelan River The longest river on Oessar or Khemit. The river is fueled by the melt from the snow covered peaks of the Spine of the World mountains and dozens of smaller tributaries. It divides Ancient Mylox in half and is the lifeblood of the nation. Barge traffic is extremely common as goods are shipped up and down its length. Seventy percent of the population of Ancient Mylox lives within a days walk of the mighty river.

The Fields of Velda A vast fertile plains spread around the Anz capital of Karsis. Later renamed the Fields of Bones after the death of the Anz and Myloxian armies during the Great Sundering.

The Free City of Etemil One of the seven Free Cities whose freedom was gained by the loosened grasp of the receding Imperial Mylox during the years after the Great Sundering. Etemil straddles the White Rush River along the border of the Grand Duchy of Raistock. It is a trade city and well known for its institutions of education both artistic and arcane.

Gods of the Southern Lands A pantheon of deities and powers worshiped primarily on the southern continent of Khemet.

Gods of the Tree Five gods were born of Eliwyn, the Tree of Life. They remain the five mightiest Lords. four emerged from the fruit of the tree, and the fifth was born from the muder done by their divine hands. Morwyn the merciful, Terak the mighty; Zheenkeef the mad; Tinel the magnificent; and Moremekar the shadow are all part of the Myloxian Empire.

Gods of the Womb After the war of the gods of the tree and expulsion of corpus infernus, the gods of the tree joined in marriages that produced five children. The gods of the womb, though not as powerful as their parents (generally speaking), are nonetheless more popular among the mortals, as they are far more concerned with the workings of mortal society than their elders. There are five gods born of the womb: Maal the Judge; Darmon the Traveler; Aymara the Singer; Korak the maker; and Anwyn the homely. These gods are part of the Myloxian Pantehon.

Goge Peninsula The jungle covered peninsula that divides the Sea of Wyrms from the Azure Sea. It is nominally part of Anz though unpopulated in that sense.

Graffenvold A county in Nemmadia known for its mist shrouded forests and swamps.

Grand Duke Lisast The current ruler of the Grand Duchy of Raistock. Lisast is young man who has been thrust into a position of power by the untimely and unexplained death of his father.

The Grand Duchy of Raistock Located on the south slopes of the White Teeth Mountains between Ancient Mylox and the Eastern Wastes. The Duchy is a prosperous land that controls the ports for the Eastern Trade route that leads to three of the seven Free Cities as well to Kethval, Angland and numerous smaller communities and petty Duchies within the Eastern Wastes.

Gray Mist Pass A rocky pass between Mylox and the nations of Eastern Oessar. Known for it’s steep canyons of gray stone. Coming down from the saddle the pass runs along a narrow canyon that the river Elamon flows down in cascading waterfalls from dizzying heights. Midway through the pass is the city of Dun Eamon.

The Great Church A bureaucratic organization that spreads the worship of the gods of the Myloxian Pantheon. Their goals are to bring the gods to the masses. Unpopular with devout and religious zealots of the individual gods within the pantheon.

Horonaim Natives of the Khemit Desert a hardy folk divided between city dwelling Al-Hadhir and the desert nomad Al-Badia.

Immen coast The southern coast of the Eastern Wastes along the Azure Sea (inner sea).

The Imperial Calendar The most widely spread system for tracking the passing of time. Created and exported by Imperial Mylox. It contains thirteen months of twenty eight days.

Imperial Mylox Prior to the Great Sundering Imperial Mylox controlled vast territories within central western and eastern Oessar. The culmination of the war with Anz led to a shattering of the empire. Today Imperial Mylox is known as Ancient Mylox and is governed by a council of kings that have divided up much of the central empire into county sized kingdoms. The Great Church, the modern trade language, and the Imperial Calendar are all products of Imperial Mylox that have outlived the empire. Ancient Mylox is divided into seven sub-kingdoms

The Imperial Warren The warren of the New Dominion aspected to transition and destruction.

The Islands of Mezland A series of islands in the western oceans controlled by the mighty New Dominion.

Joune Capital of The Grand Duchy of Raistock.

Kalape An ebony skinned people found in the Tierro Jungle of Anz and the Khemit Jungle to the south.

Karime The people of Akoom and Karkan.

Kethval A human kingdom under the domination of the Eldar Tieste Edur.

Khemit The name of the southern continent.

Khemit Desert A massive largely uninhabited and inhospitable desert in the east of the southern continent of Khemit.

King Jarmail Anton Jarmail is the King of Westenshire and King Regent on the Council of Kings that rules Mylox. He is said to be a good man who fights for the betterment of all regardless of social class, but he is mired in the politics of statecraft.

King Ovar the Third King of Nemmadia.

The Kingdom of Zon A Kingdom on the Southwestern shore of Oessar. A vassal state to the New Dominion.

Kjelt A city of moderate size in the Kingdom of Zon on the northern border with Nemmadia.

Krez A small city located in the central Zanheb Desert of Oessar. This unique city is carved into the walls of a narrow chasm that protects the people from the overpowering daytime temperatures.

Liosan The people of Raistock and various free cities along the Eastern Wastes.

Lower Kethval The majority human portion of the nation of Kethval. Located in a rolling grassland north of the Eastern Wastes.

The Master of Gears The New Dominion god of Progress and Invention, the march of time, the only officially recognized faith of the New Dominion Government.

Midlander The people of Mylox.

Mundus River A major tributary to the Eredelan River, though only navigable a short distance due to a massive waterfall.

Myloxian Calendar The primary calendar used throughout Aerth. It consists of 13 months of twenty eight days. The first month of the calendar is the first month of winter. Months: Breen, Andaria, Three Sorrows, Drellan, Five Blessings, Sperraz, Hespar, Languel, Pordur, Harvest, Gethur, Esharia, Volnar.

Mystic Anz Magocracy of the Dragon: Located on the Oessar continent in the southeast.

Nakai An island nation to the east of Oessar, home to the Quanese people.

Nemmadia A Kingdom on the Northwest coasts of Oessar. Know as bloody minded barbarians by their neighbors.

The New Dominion A major power on Aerth they invaded the Mezland isles coming over sea and air from the west some two hundred or so years ago. Their sudden invasion allowed them to capture several countries on both Oessar and Khemit before the struggling nations of both continent were able to pull together and put up a fight. The New Dominion has dozens of technological advantages from medicine to explosives and industrial engines that have cemented their position as the most powerful people on Aerth. Though some scholars have made the suggestion that Dol-Honese people are actually alien to Aerth.

Nios, city Mylox Mylox’s great port city one of the great market cities of the realm. Built by the Eldar races but surrendered to mankind in the waning days of the Eldar.

The Northern Concord In the wake of the Great Sundering the nations of Oerth had to band together to fight off the invading New Dominion. These nations formed the now defunct Northern Concord and included Auveshistan, Zon, Mylox, Raistock and Angland with some naval assistance from Ourim.

Ostendell A relatively small but populous kingdom in the heart of Mylox centered at the confluence of the Eredelan River and the Mundus river.

Ourim Located on the northwestern peninsula of the southern continent of Khemet. The nation of Ourim is known for its persistent and stubborn merchants and it’s Navies mastery of the waves. Today it sits under the imposing shadow of the New Dominion as the only Western state on the southern continent that has not capitulated via conquest, trade, or politics to their rule.

Ourish The people of Ourim, clever hagglers and master sailors.

Quan or Quanese the people of Nakai. A isolationist martial society known for their expert swordsmen and martial artists.

Queen Annadal Sundast of Ostendell The queen and ruling Monarch of the Kingdom of Ostendell in Mylox. Known for her political clout and craft.

Rathaga Patron god of the Rathi people, the god is sometimes depicted as a male and sometimes as a female. The god is not worshiped by any other people.

Rathi A tribal plains people native to the lands of the Eastern Wastes. They control the free city of Sanctuary. Known as fierce horse warriors.

Sanctuary A coastal Free City on the Immen Coast of the Azure Sea. The city is controlled and occupied by the nomadic horselords known as the Rathi.

Spine of the World The frozen inhospitable lands of northern Oessar

Starvald Demelain, warren The dragon hold, the realm from which the great dragons come and source of power to the Dragon-Lords of Anz both past and present.

Straights of Luterna A dangerous passage between Ourim and the New Dominion held island named Vendon’s Gift. Privateers and pirates prowl these waters for fat merchant vessels.

Soltaken Ascended powers that have mastered the ability to shape-change into a specific supernatural form. Almost always casters of some skill.

Tierro Jungle Located in southern Anz on the peninsula south of the Sea of Wyrms. The jungle is a subtropical forest largely unsettled except for tribes of indigenous natives known as the Kalape.

Tijuck-Mol The Dun-Ador capital city in the mountainous lands of Burok. It translates roughly to “split-stone.” The city is built around and into the crater and protruding remains of an immense alien stone that is said to have fallen from the sky eons before recorded history.

The Tower of Mourn is a gargantuan structure in the heart of Cartheyx the capital of Calyx. It houses the highest tiers of the living dead castes and an entire undead army of non-skilled laborers who perform non-stop maintenance and reconstruction of the perpetually decaying structure.

Turant River A river in the south-west reaches of the Chaos Waste that flows from above Brindinford down to Sanctuary.

Vendon’s Gift The largest and most strategically placed islands within the Azure Sea. Named after Admiral Yas Vendon who prosecute the sea war against the nations of the Northern Concord for the New Dominion in the wake of the Great Sundering. It is firmly held by the navy of the New Dominion and the Seventh Dominion Army.

Veshan The people of southwestern Oessar, a stoic and calm people who hide their emotions.

War Mech A rare and terrifying conglomeration of technology and magic used by the armies of the New Dominion.

Westenshire, Mylox A “sub-kingdom” within Mylox ruled by King Aton Jarmail. Located in Western Mylox Westenshire is home to fertile valley plains and basins and rich forests.

White Stone, city The heart of Ancient Mylox, a well defended city nestled in a fertile valley at the heart of the White Teeth Mountains. It takes its name from the magnificent white curtain walls that ring the cities many wards.

White Teeth Mountains A Mountain chain of significant height and width that shields Ancient Mylox from the nations and people of Eastern Oessar. The only known and used pass is Gray Mist Pass to the North East between Mylox and Kethval.

Wiltangle Forest A dense dark forest in northwestern Angland.

Yaasmeena Dragon Lord of Anz The current ruler of Anz. Yaasmeena is young and cunning in appearance and she uses this deception to great affect when dealing with others. Rarely does the soltaken show her Ashen ridged draconian form.

Zanheb Desert A sprawling region of desert caught behind a steep coastal ridge that serves as a rain shield. Located on the Oessar continent in the south.


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