The Zjerd

The Zjerd

Zjerd are an intelligent, literate, and crafty people all qualities that set them apart from their more barbaric cousins. They have green and yellow mottled skin pulled taunt over their wiry frames, slender fingers that end in nails several inches long and observant alert eyes. Despite their monstrous appearance they are quite civilized and witty conversationalists whom prefer the banter of words to the clash of swords.

The Zjerd homelands are the lands north of the Dampfrat and the Graffenvold in Nemmadia. Land granted to them in perpetuity by the Overking Ovar the Third in exchange for their prized clockwork technology. While Zjerd are rarely seen outside of their deep wet forest homeland the occasional inquisitive adventurer or traveling scholar has been seen across Aerth. Zjerd clockwork devices and explosives are sought after commodities making them desirable specialists in many courts across the land.
For the record the Zjerd are an ethnic division of Goblins. Their are other Goblin races as well that will be examined at a later time the most common are the Toggs who resemble a more traditional goblin.

Ethnic Traits/Skills
+2 bonus to Intelligence +1 bonus to dexterity -2 penalty to constitution -1 penalty to looks.
1 free mastery Craft (clockwork)
1 free mastery Craft (alchemy)
1 free mastery literacy

Class Costs:
Fighter 30
Ranger: 25
Barbarian: 45
Thief: 25
Rogue: 30
Assassin: 30
Mage: 20
Fighter Mage: 25
Mage Thief: 25
Cleric: 30

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The Zjerd

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