The Kingdom of Zon Vassal State of The New Dominion

The Kingdom of Zon

7The Kingdom of Zon is located in the southwest of Oessar along the Great Western Ocean. The Grazon Penninsula extends out into the Western Ocean dividing it from the Interzaa sea whose bounty Zon shares with Nemmadia. Much of the Zon’s population lives on the southern Interzaa coasts where the peninsula meets the mainland making a living fishing in the rich waters of the sea or farming the fertile coastal plains. Or along the Carrone Straights in coastal trade cities whose ports see merchants from Akoom to Anz. The Northern extent of the peninsula is sparsely populated, near constant Nemmadian raids has chased all but the hardiest people from the land.

Zon is populated mostly by ethnic Veshans, Ourish and Nemmadians with a smattering of Liosan and Midlanders. Culturally they are guarded people, years of victimization at the hands of Nemmadian raiders and Ourish pirates have left them wary of strangers. This is particularly true in the northern parts of the kingdom near the border of Nemmadia and along the Interzaa sea. The southern market cities of Arak, Meselin and Vezia have a more diverse population and are open-minded and tolerant of strangers. Lax trade laws and restrictions mean that no matter how bizarre or ill-gotten an item it is probably being sold. The only exception is human trafficking. Since the Rise of The New Dominion open selling or taking of slaves has been outlawed though rumors of night markets still persist.

The climate ranges from coastal Mediterranean (sorry for the escape from setting) in the south to maritime temperate in the north. The inland mountains known as the Agenon Range creates a moisture barrier, trapping the rainfall on the western slopes which are heavily forested and often shrouded in thick clouds year long in contrast the eastern slopes are barren desert and dry steppes.

Zon is considered a Vasal State of the New Dominion. In exchange for not resisting the spread of the empire they have been allowed to keep some semblance of self rule, retaining their name and nobility albeit in subservience to New Dominion minders. The 13th Imperial Host is stationed in Zon primarily along the border region with Nemmadia and the coastal cities of the Interzaa sea. The bolstering of Zon’s defenses against their barbaric neighbors has helped suppress any public unrest about the occupation.

Geseld, the capital city in the Kingdom of Zon besieged by Over King Ovar the Second’s horde of Nemmadians in the last siege the city withstood some fifty years ago.
3100 f

King Izendrous, an ancient and wise man spared his Kingdom the bloodshed that befell neighboring Auveshistan by willingly accepting the assistance and occupation of the New Dominion.
Eastern sage

A New Dominion scouting party makes it’s way through Kjelt on the border of Zon and Nemmadia.
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The Kingdom of Zon Vassal State of The New Dominion

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