The Halflings of Aerth have no homeland per se. They are spread across the Oessar generally in the shadow of human communities, with higher concentrations is areas of prosperity and conditions of human dignity. Halfling culture is centered on the family, which often extends to include the extended family and friends be they tall-folk or the more spatially conservative little-folk. Prosperity is shared within these family structures, as is the burden of poverty. A safe and secure home and hearth are the signs of success within Halfling society, the gathering of more wealth than is needed to accomplish this is frowned upon.

Halfling communities are rare in Nemmadia and Anz where they exist predominantly as slaves and ill-kept for slaves at that. They prosper in Raistock and the Kingdoms of Mylox and have been adopted into the lands of the New Dominion swiftly. Halfling genetics all-ready mingle in the blood of the Dol-Honese.

Ethnic Traits/Skills
As is found in AHM PHB.

Class Costs:
Fighter: 30
Ranger: 35
Barbarian: N/A
Thief: 20
Rogue: 40
Assassin: 45
Mage: 45
Fighter Thief: 30
Fighter Mage: 50
Mage Thief: 40
Cleric: 30

523 max
note: Please imagine these two in shoes….Halflings have feet the same as all of us the only difference is their feet are smaller.

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