Detect Secret Doors

Detect Secret Doors
Level: Two
Components: V, S
Casting Time: twenty seconds
Range: Sixty Feet
Volume of Effect: quarter circle emanating from Caster to the extreme of the range.
Duration: One Minute/Caster level, the caster must concentrate to hold the spell releasing the concentration releases the spell.
Saving Throw: None

This spell enables the caster to detect secret doors, compartments, caches, and so forth. This spell discerns only passages, doors, or openings that have been specifically constructed to escape detection. The amount of information the spell reveals depends on the result of the Caster’s spellcraft check. The spell can penetrate barriers but is blocked by one foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead or three feet of wood or dirt.

Misfire Results (1d4)
1 – False Positives
2 – Generic Corruption
3 – Generic Misfire
4 – Dm’s insidious idea

Progression 0: Presence or absence of secret and concealed doors and compartments.
Progression 1: Number of secret/concealed doors/compartments.
Progression 2: Location of each secret/concealed door/compartment.
Progression 3 The mechanism or trigger for each particular secret/concealed door/compartment.
Progression 4: All previous progressions plus duration is doubled.
Progression 5: All previous progressions but barrier blockage is reduced.
Progression 6: Progression 4 plus duration is doubled caster does not need to concentrate to maintain.

Progression 7: for twenty four hours the Caster automatically detects and knows how to operate all secret/concealed doors/compartments. Additionally the caster gains +5% to his scrutiny skill. (the skill bonus can only be gained once.)

Detect Secret Doors

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