Alkrast Korvalain

Alkrast Korvalain is the Warren of the infinite library. It is said that all knowledge is contained within its hallowed halls the only difficulty is navigating its myriad and chaotic corridors for said knowledge. A Caster who is new to Alkrast Korvalain just scratches its surface Knowledge they gain is summoned by tiny invisible and imperceptible spirits that can travel the maze of knowledge at the speed of thought to gather the requested knowledge whereupon they return to the open warren and deliver the knowledge to the Caster. Upon obtaining Advanced Mastery of Alkrast Korvalain the Caster is assigned an impish familiar who can do research for the Caster in the libraries many tomes and annals. At Expert Mastery the Caster can open a warren portal that allows him access to the knowledge itself. Such study is dangerous though and many are the Casters whose minds were lost when confronted with the infinite.

Alkrast Korvalain casters also get several other abilities:

Granted Powers: Eidetic Memory in regards to topics thoroughly studied.

Literacy: Every level the Caster gains 1 mastery die in Literacy, these skills must be spent on a language that the Caster has studied during the level progression. This bonus mastery can not be assigned to a literacy skill of advanced level or higher.

Calligraphy: Every level the Caster gains 1 mastery die roll in Artistry: Calligraphy.

Knowledge: Caster gains 10 BP every level that must be spent on Divine Lore, Arcane Lore, Ancient History, Mathematics, Monster Lore, or Religion.


Runes are arcane symbols. They are usually meaningless to anyone not specialized in their use. A caster can apply a rune by magically drawing a symbol on an object, surface, or creature.

A caster can have a total value of runes in existence at any one time equal to his level. Lesser Runes (spells level 1-5) have a value of 1. Advanced Runes (spells level 6-10) have a value of 2. Greater Runes (spells level 11-15) have a value of 3. Runes of Power (spells level 16-20) have a value of 4.

There are three types of runes:

Touch-triggered Runes are placed upon an object or a surface, but not a creature. Basically, the rune can cover a surface as small as one inch square or as large as ten feet square; multiple runes can cover a much larger area. The first creature that touches the object or surface bearing the rune triggers the effect immediately. Touch-triggered runes last until triggered, dispelled, or erased by the caster. If circumstances result in a creature triggering more than one touch-triggered rune at once, only the most powerful one takes effect, however the others are triggered and loose their effect. The caster can trigger a touch-triggered rune by concentrating for five seconds if they are in the near-proximity to a rune. Touch-Triggered runes take thirty seconds/spell level to inscribe.

Applied Runes require the Caster to apply it to activate its effect immediately—usually effects related to the object, surface, or creature it is placed upon. Applied runes last only as long as the effects duration and are always visible. Applied Runes take one minute per spell level to inscribe.

Enchantment Runes require a far greater amount of time to create than touch-triggered or Applied runes. Enchanted Runes take two hours per spell level to create. Enchantment Runes align an object to the aspect of the Warren the spell is drawn from. They can be detected as a Warren aspected item if scrutinized by somebody sensitive to Warren magic. A caster can pause his work when inscribing an Enchantment Rune for up to 1 day per Caster level, if he expends more time the unfinished rune is undone. Enchantment Runes are generally single use items inscribed on small bones breaking the bone releases the stored energy and the spell is cast upon the breaker.

The runes that make up an Enchantment Rune are visible but usually seem nonsensical to the untrained. Enchantment Runes last for one day per caster level.

To inscribe a rune of any type a caster must make both a Artistry: Calligraphy skill check and a Spellcraft check for the appropriate spell. Lesser Runes are considered an easy task, Advanced Runes are an Average task, Greater Runes are a difficult task and Runes of Power are a Very Difficult Task. Once the proper inscription duration has passed the Caster must make the artistry and spellcraft checks failing either renders the Rune inert and wastes the time and materials used.

Upon gaining access to Alkrast Korvalain Warren a caster may select one of the following runes to know. At each additional level he gains a new rune from the lesser category.

Rune of Affliction This touch triggered rune blasts the target with elemental damage.
Rune of Armor An applied rune that protects the bearer.
Rune of Rest An applied rune that grants faster natural healing.
Rune of Sleep This touch triggered rune causes a target to fall asleep.
Rune of Warding This touch triggered rune prevents a target from entering an area or picking up an object.

Upon gaining Advanced Mastery in Alkrast Korvelain a caster may select runes from the Advanced Rune category at each level.

Hand Rune An enchantment Rune that allows the caster to summon the enchanted object from any distance.
Rune of Augmentation This applied rune allows the caster to modify the targets attributes.
Rune of Blasting a Touch triggered rune similar to the Rune of Affliction that has an area affect.
Rune of Charming This touch triggered rune can cause the target to become charmed by the caster.
Rune of communication This is an enchanted object rune that allows two such objects to be used as a form of telepathic communication.
Rune of Enrichment This enchanted object rune empowers a weapon to make it more lethal.
Rune of Fear This touch triggered rune causes the target to flee in terror.
Rune of Healing This touch triggered rune can heal the target.

Upon gaining Expert Mastery in Alkrast Korvelain a caster may select runes from the Greater Rune category at each level.

Elemental Rune This enchanted object rune can be inscribed on a weapon to lend it the power of one of the elements.
Rune of Confusion This touch-triggered rune affects the caster and all that stand near him.
Rune of Dominiion This touch-triggered rune affects living intelligent creatures and can cause the target to become a thrall of the caster.
Rune of Durability This enchanted object rune cause an object to strengthen and become more resilient.
Rune of Resistance This applied rune causes the target to gain some measure of resilience to magic.
Rune of Understanding This enchanted object rune allows all who hear the bearers voice to understand him as if he was speaking their native tongue.

Upon gaining Complete Mastery of the Alkrast Korvelain warren a caster may select from these runes at each level.

Rune of Cheating Death This applied rune is placed upon a living creature and can prevent the bearer from dieing.
Rune of Devestation This touch-triggered rune explodes with elemental force when triggered.
Rune of Slaying This touch-triggered rune deals an enormous amount of damage to the target.
Rune of Transport This applied Rune allows an object or creature to teleport.

First Level
Permanent Mark
Perimeter Alarm
Sense Magical Aura
Identify With Flame

Second Level
Detect Secret Doors
Insidious Insight
Magical Quill
Creature Loresight
Empower Rune
Learn Secret (lesser)
Object Loresight

Third Level
Bypass Ward
Location Loresight
Etch Stone
Auric Aura

Fourth Level
Locate Object

Fifth Level
Ward of Ravenous Hunger

Level 6
Learn Secret (Greater)
Peer Through Matter

Dancing Rune
Foretell Future

Level 8
Invisibility Prohibition

Level 9
Locate Creature

Level 10
Arcane Eye

Level 11
Learn Truename

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19
Astral Projection

Level 20
Perfect Ward (Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved)

Alkrast Korvalain

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