Erasmos Giselbert

At almost 6 feet tall and only 128 lbs, Erasmos give the impression of either a tall Veshan (which he is) or a High Caste Calyxian (living dead).


STR: 17/02 INT: 14/28 WIS: 12/21 DEX: 14/13 CON: 12/42 LKS: 11/68 CHA: 11/76
Honor: 13 Hit Points: 32

Proficiencies: Armor Proficiencies (all), Shield Proficiency, Minimal Skill Weapon Proficiencies (all), Medium Skill Weapon Proficiency (Sabre), Medium Skill Weapon Proficiency (Thrown Knife), Low Skill Weapon Proficiency (Knife(melee)), Hiking/Road Marching, Laborer and Phalanx Fighting

Talents: Dodge, Parry Bonus(Sabre) +1 Defense with Sabre, Trilingual(Auvesh, Mezla and Medlish), Weapon Specialization +1 all (Sabre), Weapon Specialization +1 all (throwing knife)

Skills: Animal Husbandry(Horses): 16, Boating 18, Observation 16, Resist Persuasion: 17, Appraise(Armor & Weapons): 23, Riding(Equestrian): 19

Languages: Auvesh: 84, Metzla: 72/Literacy: 35, Medlish: 79/Literacy: 25


Personal history

As a child he was told stories of his Great, Great Grandfather Halanzo the Horse thief/rustler. He operated back when the Veshan were still nomadic so his crimes were especially heinous. The story has been told so many times it is kind of uncertain how he met his untimely end. The stories vary from dying at the hands of a violent mob (likely) to being kidnapped/mauled/eaten by vicious monsters. (while hiding out from an angry mob, not likely at all) Either way the stories of vicious monsters served to scare him into believing he might be taken by such beasts, for being related to such a person. His brothers both encouraged this, pretending they were frightened by the idea too. He has actually since realised that the monster idea is highly unlikely, and there is no reason to worry because he was related to the old horse thief, but it was a scary thing at the time and would sometimes provoke seizures. Another popular story about Halanzo’s end is that he was trampled by the very horses that he stole, but this is often used as a precautionary tale to young children that things they do might come back to haunt them. (likelihood falls somewhere between the other two stories)
When he and his twin brother came of age they both chose different paths, his twin chose a scholarly path with the intention of becoming a prophet of the gear. He chose to become a warrior and study fencing, possibly to become an imperial officer one day. He always saw his brother’s choice as being a bit of a sell-out and possibly trying to garner more attention from Dad, who was himself a learned cartographer. It was also either stated or implied that the superior medical techniques of the New Dominion could be used to alleviate or perhaps even cure the seizures that had plagued the twins since they were young. In this way a prophet of the gear would definately have access to such knowledge and if he chose to share it with his twin, well then he would have something to hold over him.
During his training he was singled out by an Imperial officer who began to teach him the Dodge technique, which he mastered only recently and which served him well in a duel against an Imperial Aerostat pilot. (see below)
He was born and raised in the Industrial port city of Bestin which exposed him to many other cultures and languages. As a result of this metropolitan upbringing he learned Auvesh, Mezla and Medlish and wound up spending much of his free time in “Kaff houses.” These were places where learned and those who wanted to be seen as being “in the know” hung out. Regulars and people who knew him or his twin could tell the two of them apart, but strangers would occasionally ask him a question intended for his twin, and probably vice versa. While they would both calmly point out the error, in appropriate Veshan fashion, it was another annoying reminder for both of them. Also, while they did both hang out at such places they did not socialize with each other or people who also socialized with the other twin.
One of the things that always intrigued him was how exactly Aerostats worked. Again, his twin would have more access to such vessels and could potentially have used that to win one of their frequent arguments. He would prefer to learn such things without his brother’s help, one of the things he learned is that many pilots are “half-casters” with access to the Imperial Warren, although he’s not sure if magic is absolutely necessary to fly them. Unfortunately the common ground forces (such as he was training to be) are generally looked down upon by the elitist pilots. Before he left he was pursuing a romantic relationship with a female Aerostat pilot, who was intrigued by his apparent “uncaring” Veshan attitude, which sharply contrasted his actions. This may have been one of the factors that initiated the duel between him and another Aerostat pilot. (either a romantic rival or someone who didn’t think a “groundling” like him was worthy of a pilot like her) The duel was close and he managed to win by using the technique that the earlier mentioned Imperial officer taught him. The pilot yielded the victory and actually even offered up his sword “by way of apology” for his rude behavior. He didn’t accept, but the pilot’s sword did turn up in his possession some time later, when he was accused of its theft. At that point all hope of becoming part of the Imperial army vanished. He ended up stowing away on a ship bound for Sanctuary. The captain decided to forgive him on the promise of working for his passage. Of course once they reached Sanctuary, he was surprised to look up and see aerostats overhead. This prompted him to get a horse and ride with all available speed away. The only way to go by land would of course be to Brindinford, where his new story begins.

People of note

Ancestor: Halanzo the Horse Thief – Infamous in Veshan circles and met an untimely end
Father: Erwin Giselbert – Talented Cartographer and devoted father to all his kids
Mother: Camilla Giselbert – Housewife and woman not sure how to take care of boys. Glad to have a daughter, finally
Big Brother: Peregrinus “TomBob” Giselbert – Town fool – a bit of a disappointment to his parents, but they support him
Twin: Gebhard Giselbert – Scholarly-type specializing in Literature and training to be a Prophet of the Gear. The two of them have an adversarial relationship and are often arguing about something
Little sister: Clara Giselbert – Quiet girl who grew up around three older boys two of whom were always bickering. Strong willed and very patient. Not quite ready to get married, but comfortable around boys. (not tomboyish, but not put off by what boys do)
Uncle: Xarban Giselbert – Caster – Father’s brother. Travels a lot and often brings his brother new maps and drawings
of places he has been.
Imperial Officer: ? – Mentored Erasmos in the past. Likely friendly.
Female Aerostat pilot: Viatrix – Friendly and possibly interested in Erasmos romantically. Don’t know her last name.
Male Aerostat pilot: ? – Elitist snob-type individual. Very upset that Erasmos beat him, but willing to wait for a better time to get even.

Erasmos Giselbert

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