Cold Steel Hot Blood

Session 9 Good Housekeeping

Session Played August 24th 2013

This session was essentially a wrap up of the first chapter.

The PCs spent two days recovering from the all out fight to rescue Dean Gellow Iris.
Meanwhile the actual clerics (casters) of the Great Church set out to deal with small Drakend portal at the Old Cemetery. The delegation of Casters led by the Priestess Sillitta Ederus found that it was not up to the task and had to retreat back to Brindinford assailed by the mindless undead but their able bodied Churchguard were able to defend them easily enough. The next day bolstered by rest and prayer the Priests and Priestesses return this time with several holy artifacts and were able to close the intrusion. However during those hours between attempts countless creatures from beyond the grave undoubtedly made their way into the surrounding countryside.

In response the Garrison in Brindinford has doubled it’s numbers pulling from the numerous out of work laborers and lumbermen and under the guidance of Sergeant Theodoulus Johan have begun to purge the immediate area between Brindinford and the Old Cemetery of foul creatures. The events of the past few weeks have clearly affected the common Brindinforder’s psyche and despite the heroics of the party their is a palpable air of desperation and despair in the city.

In other news of the two casters that were hiding amongst the celebrating crowds at Four-Cap Tom’s on the night of the Skeleton Ambush and kidnapping of Gellow Iris only one was found dead in the Inn, the other escaped during the chaos that followed. He remains at large though very few are aware that their was two casters.

When the PCs recovered they were taken out to their farmstead where they learned of its general state of disrepair. A sturdy two story farmhouse close enough to see the Turrant River but far enough back and on a slight rise as to be not threatened by the occasional floods. The house itself was in poor shape, many of its glass paned windows were broken and the house was in direpair. Covered in clinging blackberries and filled with dust, dirt and cobwebs. A real fix-er upper but still a place to call home. The farm sits on twenty acres of land that abuts the Turrant River. Five acres are a peach orchard now overgrown and choked by vines and brush. Five acres of fallow rye grass fields and five acres of mixed grass and Red Cedar stands. Rosalio also found a perfect spot to fish from and caught two good sized trout the first night.

A few noteworthy events transpired in the short few days between recovery and the beginning of training.

— Kong-Ru was hired to fetch supplies and begin the process of cleaning up the farmhouse, and as such he had to make several trips to town to negotiate with locals for supplies and goods.

— Ulyff found himself completely emasculated in a somewhat comedic scene involving a couple of Heroic individuals from his homeland. (The title “Hero” in Nemmadia is given when a person has killed so many people that the word murderer falls short, if that gives some perspective) However since Ulyff was not present I think it would be fitting to run the encounter again at the beginning on next session.

— The Farm had its first visitor, a dusty haired young man that Iblis had met on the feast night before the attack. He wore the garb of a commoner and a scabbard-ed short-sword under a sturdy Army issue cloak both the scabbard and cloak from the Anzish army. He pushed an old cart with hay and two antique amphoras under a stretched piece of ratty canvas. Iblis had Kong-Ru help him unload the goods into the house after a short discussion that ended with the exchange of silver. Soon after the boy left with the silver and cart. Iblis spent a good amount of time in the kitchen with the Amphora before retiring to his room, after having Kong-Ru move them upstairs of course.

— For whatever reason after arguing and disputing which room was his (the biggest) Genin stormed out of his chambers and took up shop in the center of the common lining room on the first floor, and seemed inconsolable.

Training began the next morning though not before Iblis took Kong-Ru aside and gave him some specific duties and instructions, that involved finding the boy Oroitz who had sold him the amphora the previous evening. He was to look at The Water Stone and failing that perhaps find him on the road to Reme/Etemil. And as the Heroes began their two weeks of training Kong-Ru headed into Brindinford proper to encounter THE DOOR.

So it appears that the Water Stone is a dive Bar along the Turrant River in the center of Brindinfords equivalent of the slums. Kong-Ru arrived in the early morning having made the hour or so walk to Brindinford at dawn. The dilapidated and waterlogged buildings packed in tight along narrow alleys where the sunlight was still yet to shine cast the scene in a sense of imminent and or oppressive violence. With shaking knees the newcomer to Brindinford jumped at shadows and cast fearful eyes towards dark alleys at the slightest sound. Following directions given to him in the clean light of the Market Kong-Ru found himself standing before a stone building with a sodden sagging shingled roof. The smell of old wine and heavy spirits mixed with vomit and piss clung to the alley in front. A man was sprawled out in an uncomfortable position on a broken bench, Kong-Ru was not even sure the man still lived, and from behind him the snickering laughs of a couple street urchins gave him pause.

Steeling himself for the moment he opened his Warren sending an unearthly breeze to ruffle through his rough cloak and long straight hair and gave the children as stern and threatening a look as he could. Buoyed by the feel of the Serc Warren his glare conveyed the cold stiffness of a winters breeze, this shut the giggling never-do-wells up and they stepped back into darkness. Turning towards the building he assumed was The Water Stone he girded his loins and approached the doorway, politely inquiring of the possibly dead fellow if this was indeed the Water Stone. The man who was either passed out or dead offered no opinion. Despite every thought and feeling urging Kong-Ru to flee back to the safety and protection of the marketplace he stepped up to the heavy wooden door lifted the latch and gave it a shove. The door would not budge and the residue left on his hand from touching the latch was enough to force up a little of today’s breakfast of figs and dates. Standing at the door he listened for a moment deciding what to do next, from behind the door he could hear heavy labored breathing of some enormous beast no doubt. Gray Swamp Trolls maybe, or a two-headed giant or perhaps some other slavering beast but whatever it was could not have been a man. Standing in front of the sodden sticky door he could begin to feel his bowls loosening and with that he fled back to the larger avenues and the protection of Brindinford proper, the sound of chiding laughter echoing down the alley behind him.

He returned to the Farmhouse noticing the crest-fallen Ulyff shadow sparring while the well muscled Rosalio sparred with Ironfist taking turns training with a well honed broadsword. He figured it was best to report his inability to Iblis right off and get it over with. Upstairs he found himself in the shadowed musty farmhouse staring at yet another closed door. From beyond Iblis’s door came a strange chant in a language completely unknown to Quan man. The exotic chanting or praying or singing echoed strangely through the walls of the farmhouse and left Kong-Ru uncertain of what to do next, he could sense an open warren on the other side of the room. Shortly thereafter the door opened for him and out of a cloud of cloying incense and a distinctly noticeable aroma of cinnamon and red wine Iblis emerged and with a pronounced limp he shuffled across the room ignoring or not seeing the wide-eyed and open mouthed man. Kong-Ru quickly muttered something about the dangerous nature of the place he was sent to go, and how he was unable to actually enter the building because of some monster behind the door and that he did not find anything out about Oroitz or the girl Paniz. Iblis seemed to nod to him, at least in Kong-Ru’s eyes then descended the stairs without a word, leaving Kong-Ru to sigh with relief.

The two weeks of training passed quickly though during the end of the first week an unusually strong thunder storm brought buckets of rain, hail the size of coin and gale force winds that battered the town and surrounding farms. The heroes learned that their roof leaks, leaks alot actually and have added that to their list of to-dos.

Rosalio was tossed from his horse and partially trampled by Iblis who was able to work the healing of the big man into his training routine but other than that the training past mostly uneventfully.

Oh and beds and bedding were purchased from a carpenter in Brindinford and delivered to the townhouse. Kong-Ru completed a good scouring of the house sweeping the dust and debris out, washing floors and walls, cleaning the windows not shattered and purchasing general plain utensils and cooking supplies for the house.

After the training was complete Iblis related the reason as to why he was looking for the boy Oroitz, a winding tail that involved a priceless fortune, a strange cursed dagger of vicious and obviously arcane purpose, a possible quest into the Chaos Lands and a fabulously wealthy exile from Horanim who also has a fabulously ill-temper. He explained it all by translating a long letter he found within one of his purchased amphora. Letter pg1
Letter pg2
Letter pg3
Letter pg4
Letter pg5
Letter pg6
That tail told the Heroes set their eyes on the Ruins of Saint Ulther’s Manner where they hope to find the key to the Ulther Bastion Stone. These keys are said to be able to allow the wielder access to the Bastion Stones giving the user the ability to modify or even turn the stones protective energies off. Rosalio claims to have a buyer of the the key in Sanctuary a buyer who will pay handsomely for it. Though the Keys were hidden for a good reason as they are the only thing that holds the spread of the Chaos Wastes in check and if they were turned off the Chaos Waste would surely spread at great speed into the area the stone once protected.

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