Warrens of Magic

Warrens of Magic

Warren Magic is the most common way of invoking magic on Aerth, although it is not the only way.

To cast a spell a caster must open himself to a warren of magic essentially opening a portal to a extra-dimensional space and draw energy from within it. As a caster gains better mastery of a warren he is able to draw more and more power. However Exposure to the mystical energy can cause corruption both mental and physical to the caster over extended periods of time, so the ability to draw upon the energy comes at a cost.

Here is a list of Warrens and some detail on what powers the contain.

Alkrast Korvalain The endless library, warren of knowledge and study, path of runes.

Aral Gamelon: The warren of demons; allows the summoning and control of demons. Casters that draw their power from Aral Gamelon make pacts with the demonic occupants for their power.

Denul: This is the Domain of healing restorative magic. Access to this warren allows treatment of injuries and diseases More accomplished casters can access High Denul, which can be used to perform more complex healing procedures like regrowing limbs, and rituals that can slow or stop aging. Long term recipients of Denul healing also have their lifespans extended.

Denaeth Rusen Warren of Storms and the Ocean

D’riss This is the warren of elemental earth. Domain of metals. Allows the petrification of wood and passage through and manipulation of solid stone. This Warren is particularly favored by Dun-Ador casters.

Drakend The warren of death and Necromancy. Allows communication with spirits. Holds the souls of the Dead and the secrets to binding them.

Meanas Warren of illusion and trickery perhaps a splinter of the Rashan and Thyr warrens. Allows the manipulation of color and sound.

Mockra The Path of the Mind. Mockra based magic was used to manipulate the minds of targets through control and illusion or read the minds of targets. Allows the manipulation of thoughts and emotions of individuals and groups.

Rashan The warren of Darkness. Allows concealment of through shadows/darkness allows summoning of sentient shadows and spells of darkness.

Ruse The warren of elemental water. Allows manipulation of currents, tides and pressure; summoning of underwater creatures.

Serc Path of the Sky elemental warren of air, allows casters to manipulate the wind and weather to summon air spirits.

Telas The Warren of elemental fire. Allows control and evocation of powerful blasts of fire.

Tennes Path of the Land warren of Thellyne Goddess of the Hunt.

Thyr The Warren of light.

The Imperial Warren Warren of the Dol-Honese little is known of this warren but agents of the New Dominion use it regularly to cross long distances.

Kurald Galain Eldar warren of darkness.

Kurald Thyrllan Eldar warren of light connected to the Thyr warren.

Kurald Emurlahn Eldar warren of shadow connected to the Meanas warren.

Tellann Eldar warren of necromancy used by the Dread Lords of Calyx. Allows animation of corpses, communication with spirits and control over some demons.

Omtose Phellack Eldar warren known as the Hold of Ice. Most commonly associated with the Jaghut.

Starvald Demelain The warren of Dragons, it is rumored that this was the first warren and that all other warrens sprouted from Starvald Demelain.

Kaschann The Plague Warren.

Chaos The warren of Chaos is the primordial source from which casters access the various warrens. The warren of Chaos tunnels through all other warrens. And has been unleashed on Aerth where the primordial chaos is causing a gradually growing chaos taint.

More Warrens to come and eventually more information on spellcasting. Until then we will use the hackmaster rules.

Warrens of Magic

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