The Eastern Wastes

The Eastern Wastes

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The Eastern Wastes, the wild frontier left behind by the retreating armies of Imperial Mylox and the Magocracy of Anz in the years following the Great Sundering. The repercussions of the Great War has forever changed the gentle rolling hills and savannahs of what was once known as the Eastern Marches. Prior to the predations of the Dragon Lords and the lust of the Myloxian Emperor Keldrakos the Eastern Marches were home to several medium sized kingdoms as well as the vast empty auburn plains of the Rathi. All was consumed in the decades of war as the two empires left no village unchanged. Entire populations were conscripted in one way or another. Harvests were confiscated and nobody was left to replant, vast areas of once fertile farmland was left inadvertently fallow at best and salted at worst. Those that could fled into the wilderness to avoid the carnage, but they fared little better often falling victim to desperate deserters and brigands.

The Great Sundering left both mighty empires in shambles and it was all they could do to retreat with what little forces they had to their respective homelands. The Eastern Marches were shattered. The death of Desembier at the climax of the war rent the fabric of reality and created an opening to Corpus Infernus, an evil aligned aspect of the Chaos Warren. Denizens of this foul plane began to explore the new territory, and worse the very aether of the realm of chaos carried a poisonous taint that affects both flora and fauna. It is an ever expanding plague that threatens all the lands and people of the Eastern Wastes and beyond.

During the onset of the war with the New Dominion the allied nations of the Northern Concord put their greatest minds to work to defeat the ever-spreading chaos-taint. They could not devise a solution but instead developed a system of “Bastion Stones” that encircled the Chaos Tainted Lands and dampened the expansion from tens of miles every year to a mile or so a year. Thus buying time for a solution to be developed in the future. However the talents of these esteemed wizards was turned from creating a solution to developing weapons that could level the playing field with the far superior technology of the Invading New Dominion.

Today the Chaos Waste occupies a greater portion of the south-east region of what was once the Eastern Marches. The civilized people of the lands live north and west of the broad river Turant that flows from above Brindinford down to Sanctuary. Or north along the trade road connecting the Free Cities all the way to Kethval and eventually on to Angland. Within the no-mans land beyond these points are several villages and outposts usually occupied by the deranged or the fool-hearty looking to plunder loot from the thousands of battlefields and deserted cities. Their will always be men and women willing to risk their lives in the pursuit of the uncertain reward of wealth.

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The Eastern Wastes

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