Ethereal shadowmage by amir salehi
Granted Powers:

Manipulate Shadows: When concealed in shadows or darkness a Rashan Caster can manipulate the shadows to better conceal him allowing him to move at a walk while using the Hide skill, he will however still need to make a sneaking check to conceal sound.

Hiding Skill (Free Mastery upon accessing Rashan + 1% each additional level)

Dark Defense: +1 to to defense rolls when in shadows, +2 when in total darkness.

note: spells listed with a © are listed in cleric spells

Level 1
Shadow Servant (Planar Servant spell)
Shadow Touch (chill touch spell)
Shadow Vision (custom): grants low light vision to target

Level 2
Shadow Web (custom) a web of shadows that grants recipient concealment but limits vision.
Shield of Night (custom) a shadow barrier that protects the caster from other magic
Shadow Veil (custom) Shadows conceal the caster making him hard to strike.

Level 3
Veil of Darkness
Darkvision (custom) grants the caster the ability to see in total darkness.
Shadow Binding (custom) a spell of shadowy entanglement.
Mask of Shadows (custom)A magical protection that protects the caster from Rashan and Thyr magic.
Shadow Spray (custom) A burst of energy draining shadows.

Level 4
Claws of Darkness (custom). The casters hands become extendable shadow weapons.
Dark Way (custom). Creates a shadow bridge.
Shadow Cache (custom) Creates a small opening into Rashan where an item can be stored.

Level 5
Dust of Twilight (custom) Extinguishes light sources and may cause fatigue.
Blacklight (custom) create an area of darkness that can not be seen through.
Shadow Hand (custom) create an incorporeal hand of shadow to assist you.

Level 6
Twilight Knife (custom) creates a knife of shadow that attacks independently from the caster.
Darkfire (custom) create and throw dark flames that produce heat but no light.
Shadow Form (custom) shadows envelope the caster making him hard to see/hear or touch.

Level 7
Deep Darkness (custom) create a area of darkness that even magical means fail to see through.
Shadow Steed (custom) summons a shadow steed from Rashan to serve temporarily as your mount.
Armor of Darkness (custom) A hard encasement of flickering shadows protects from physical blows.
Crawling Darkness (custom) creates shadowy tentacles that conceal and protect the caster
Slashing Darkness (custom) A life draining ray of pure darkness.

Level 8
Shadow Tentacles (custom) creates an area of wavering shadow tentacles that attack all that enter
Shadow Phase (custom) target body temporarily interweaves with Rashan becomes hard to hit.

Level 9
Shadow Projection (custom) creates a shadow creature vessel for the soul of the caster to control
Darkbolt (custom) create beams that damage and stun opponents.
Shadow Well (custom) targets shadow becomes a pit that he is drug into.

Level 10
Conjure Shadow (custom) creates a shadow beast that acts on the behest of the caster.
Dark Door (custom) opens a portal to Rashan and back allowing caster to travel short distances.

Level 11
Shadowfade (custom) you create a fading portal to Rashan.
Night’s Caress (custom) Your touch becomes a life draining attack.

Level 12
Dream Message (custom) you can send messages in the dreams of others.
Shadow Walk (custom) you can access Rashan and travel great distances within the warren quickly.

Level 13
Enervation Blast ©

Level 14
Nightmare (custom) You can haunt a target with nightmares that prevent him from resting.
Sword of Darkness (custom) You summon a blade made of the Rashan Warren that drains strength.

Level 15
Shadowy Grappler (custom) Ribbons of Rashan streak out to entangle and grapple your target.

Level 16
Blackfire (custom) create and throw blasts of Rashan energy that drains the life of targets.

Level 17

Level 18
Enervating Breath (custom) Makes your breath a weapon capable of draining the strongest foe.

Level 19
Shadow Landscape (custom) You mate your surroundings with the realm of Rashan permanently.

Level 20
Summon Hound of Shadow (custom) summon one of the feared Hounds of Shadow.

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