The Meanas Warren is also known as the Path of Illusion. It is an offshoot of the Rashan and Thyr warrens and is in some way connected to the Elder Warren of Shadow. It is not considered a powerful warren, since it’s effects are limited to the targets ability to understand and comprehend. Damage done through this warrens spells is only as real as the mind that receives it believes it to be. Creatures of animal intellect, many undead, or of Alien intellect are less susceptible to the Caster’s influence. However to a mind familiar to the Caster the Meanas warren can be a powerful albeit discreet tool.

Granted Powers:

Discern Reality: The Caster can open his warren and survey the surroundings to detect magical concealment

Resistance to Illusion: The caster gains a +4 bonus to all savings throws due to Illusion based spells or abilities.

Skill Mastery: 1 free mastery in Artistry (a visual medium). 1 Free Mastery in Disguise. 1 Free Master in Distraction

Level 1
Amplify Illumination
Illusory Mural
Fool’s Gold (a glamor that can disguise the true nature of a coin)
Illusory Creature (A visual reproduction of a creature as you envision it no sound, smell, texture, or temperature. It can however be moved by the caster)
Illusory Object (A visual reproduction of a static, immobile, solid object the way the caster imagines it.)

Level 2
Seeming of Form (This illusion makes an object seem to all senses as if it were something else)
Illusory Leather Armor

Level 3
Swift Invisibility

Level 4
Sorcerous Guise (You disguise one creature or object to appear to be something else)
Shadow Skin
Motion Blur

Level 5
Illusory Creature [Greater] (as 1st level spell but with sound, smell, texture)
Illusory Object [Greater} (as 1st level spell but with sound, smell, texture)
Entrancing Light Show
Sense Invisible Beings

Level 6
Reflective Disguise

Level 7
Level 8
Inner World (Touched target is cast into a world of phantasm that only he can see.)


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