Dyrn's Relief

Dyrn’s Relief

Dyrn s relief

Dyrn’s Relief is a mighty Anzish Fortress that guards the Eastern entrance into the Pass of Dragons, the only widely known route through the Barrier Peaks. The fortress is held by a Vigs Mikelis a noble Anzish Governor who has an entire Anzish army (The 9th Dragon Host) at his disposal. Despite that Dyrn’s Relief and the small city of The Dragon Shadow that lies below the fortress is known to be a hotbed of corruption and is infested by foreign agents, spies and smugglers.

Dyrn’s Relief get’s its name from the famed Anzish general Mosante Dyrn. Dyrn commanded the 9th Dragon Host at the time of the Great Sundering and fought a protracted battle against the monstrosities of the Chaos Warren suffering defeat after defeat before falling back finally to the steep rocky slopes of the Barrier Peaks where a final stand was made at the great Fortress. Mosante Dyrn was victorious and the castle was renamed in his honor. The 9th Dragon Host has held the Fortress since then and consider themselves the guardians of the homeland.

All traffic seeking to navigate the mountain pass must first pass through the fortress itself and pay a heavy tariff before being allowed onto the relatively well patrolled and safe Pass of Dragons.

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Dyrn's Relief

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