Brindinford Crafting Hall

Brindinford Crafting Hall

A communal craft house for all manner of craftsmen in Brindinford.

The Brindinford Crafting Hall is a busy place during the day and late into the evenings, the craftsmen literally work at all hours, making it one of the few places in town with activity at night as well as the day. A single entrance gives customers access to a large central room where craftspeople display thir wares. Copper pots, woven rugs, painted ceramic urns, wooden tools, cloth boots, fine shirts, stone statuettes, and far more surround those who come into the shop.

Off of the central room are halls giving access to an individual workroom for each artisan. The place is noisy, not just because of customers doing business with salesmen, but because in the background the coppersmith pounds away at his latest creation, the woodcrafter saws and cuts, the stonecrafter chisels away, and so on.

The Crafters

Par Davins, coppersmith.
Cackie Clum, Weaver
Gorth Kruger, Potter
Jimma Nortender, Woodworker
Reild Holian, Tailor
Yavai Scolari, Seamstrss
Sig Ald, Stoneworker

Each has apprentices and assistants, as well as people in the central room to sell their goods.

The building is owned by Vimble Mirhoffal a friendly man with a round face and faded fair hair with just a hint of gold remaining. He’s always talking, and talking fast, as if he’s afraid he will expire before having enough time to get all of his ideas out. He is married to Narrette, a woman at least fifteen years his younger and still with some charms. They have one son Sarrie. Vimble is one of the town councilmen.

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Brindinford Crafting Hall

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