Brindinford is the largest and closest city to the expanding borders of the Chaos Wastes. It is positioned along a trade route between Reme and Entemil and the Southern Port of Sanctuary. While the proximity to the Chaos Waste has reduced some of trade through the city it is also attracting would-be treasure hunters and adventurers of all types who are called by the lure of looting abandoned cities and battlefields to the east. To would be explorers and adventurers the edge of the Chaos Wastes, some two hundred miles to the east, makes Brindinford the ideal launching point for expeditions into the tainted lands due to its location on a still used trade route and its size, large enough to provide provisions and safety while groups recover and resupply between explorations.

Brindinford has a population of just over fifteen-hundred permanent residents, though it hosts buildings and homes for nearly double that. The population doubles again if you count the numerous hamlets and farm communities within ten miles to the north west and south. While the lands to the north and east are just as fertile or productive it is commonly accepted that even just a few short miles away from Brindinford in those directions danger stalks the land. Much of the population is involved with agricultural production, logging or fishing/hunting. Inside the city there are suitable craftspeople that can provide most commodities and those that are not locally available can be brought in from Sanctuary or Reme.

The city is an independent municipality. It was once part of the Duchy of Chordile but when that fell nearly one-hundred years ago the city has been on it’s own. It has friendly relations with its trade neighbors to the north and south but does not pay anyone tribute. The city is governed by the Brindinford City Council and a Mayor who is elected every six years from within the ranks of the City Council. City Council positions are passed down to chosen heirs but a new seat can be introduced if the petitioner has enough friendly ears on the council.

There are seven members of the City Council, the Lord Mayor Anra Saddana, a well spoken woman whose family owns the largest of the flour mills in the area, she has been Mayor for four years now. Roman Buevias, one of the newest members Roman owns the popular Inn Fourcap Tom’s. Gellow Iris a stern man and Dean of the Great Church in Brindinford, however ever since his kidnapping and harrowing experience at the hands of the Congregation of the Dead Gellow Iris has taken to bed and his duties have all fallen to his second Sillitta Ederus. Vimble Mirhoffal, owner and president of the Brindinford Crafting Hall. Val Donage a long time Brindinford resident and owner of the Lost Shepherd Tavern and Inn. Sirus Craddock an wealthy Merchant of Ourish descent and lastly Whedon Fennel the local logger Baron and presiding guild-master of the Lumberman’s Guild.

The town has thirty dedicated and trained soldiers that work under the direction of the new Constable Erro Mansan who has replaced Constable Whitson. They can call up nearly one hundred militia men from the town in times of need. And if enough warning is given and the threat grave enough assistance can be garnered from the cities to the north. The constabulary is authorized by the town council to enforce its laws within the city and its surrounding villages but they do not have the numbers or authority to pursue campaigns beyond the immediate city boundaries. This is a point of contention between the council members at this time. In situations where additional specialized assistance is needed the council usually looks to hire small bands of mercenaries.

Today the biggest issues facing Brindinford are the predations of highway brigands along the trade route between Brindinford and Reme. These miscreants have been hampering caravans in and out of town to the north for several months now. It has gotten to the point that the council has narrowly passed a resolution to pay bounties on highway men, dead or alive. Other local threats are more rumor and less easy to substantiate then the brigands, but include creatures from the Chaos Wastes that prey upon the outer villages and farm animals. Rathi and Anzish Slavers are always a concern though rarely are they ever seen. Bands of opportunist and adventurers turned into little more than bandits and raiders. And the perpetual hint of some evil cult or another operating in the area performing nefarious deeds in the dark of moonless nights. Pretty much the standard fare for any frontier town.

Brindinford map

Locations of Interest in Brindinford:

Four-Cap Tom’s Inn
The Lost Shepherd Inn
Fasher’s Supply
The Temple
The Gathering Hall
Brindinford Crafting Hall
The Water Stone
Aesa’s Smithy

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