Aesa's Smithy

Aesa’s Smithy

The clang of hammers on anvils echoes through this large smithy. It’s a long, low-ceiling building, with about half the structure open under a roof and the other half an enclosed building.

This smithy is the only such place in Brindenford and the surrounding environs and thus is busy at all times providing metal goods to all the people in the area. Aesa, the proprietor of the smithy is clearly an outsider based on her long golden locks, her ice-blue eyes, her stature (nearly six foot four) and her northern accent. She is stronger and haler than most the men in the area, her exotic beauty and her propensity to swear like a sailor catches most locals off guard.

Her arms are wrapped in colorful tattoos and she freely will tell any who ask they represent the dozens, nay hundreds of raids and fights she has participated in. Though when asked why she is such a long way from her Nemmadian home she shrugs and mentions in her strong accent “It’s complicated”.

Most Brindinford locals know that Aeas has quite the temper. Insulting her work, crossing her friends, or otherwise angering her is ultimately a very bad idea. She won’t hesitate to physically administer an attitude adjustment.

Aesa employs three assistants as well as Krarl Jorun, another foreigner and just as exotic as Aesa. Krarl is a Dun-Ador from the Burok tribe, he specializes in silver and gold smithing and is an artist at his trade.

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Aesa's Smithy

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