A misguided youth given a second chance at redemption


Chies is a local Brindinford youth of sixteen summers. He had the misfortune of falling in with the wrong types and was hired to rough up and rob Kong-Ru. This plan quickly went the wrong way and Chies was the only survivor. Iblis offered him an opportunity to sign on with the Lumbermen to work off his transgression. Chies while not being the smartest of his peers recognized a good offer and jumped at the opportunity to redeem himself. And it turns out the work seems to suit him well.

Marco assigned the young man to work under the watchful eye of his foreman Jorges. Jorges has not taken it easy on the kid, knowing the details of his transgressions Jorges has worked him hard and taken no talk-back or slacking off. While still a novice in the arts of forestry he has taken every opportunity to learn as much as he can of the trade and is pulling his weight. Only time will tell if the hard but honest labor will turn this back-street slinker into an honest lumberman. In the mean time Jorges and many of the Party members keep a close eye on the lad for any signs of betrayal.

Chies is of middling height with mousey shoulder length hair pulled back by a leather strip. When learning about the art of forestry or working his face is bright with the exuberance of youth, however if reminded of his crime or his past he becomes sullen and crest fallen. He is missing his left k9 tooth and his right index finger at the first knuckle.

Chies is earnest in his work and has gained the respect from his fellow squad mates who often treat him as a kid brother, even Jorges seems to have grown to begrudgingly like the lad.


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