Aesa the Smith

A tall beautiful Nemmadian woman whose skills with hammer and forge are well respected.


Aesa is a Nemmadian woman far from home. She has resided in Brindinford some six summers. She arrived with enough coin to buy out the aging previous smith whom retired to West View soon thereafter. She has earned respect from the townsfolk for her fine quality of work and no-nonsense get the job done attitude. Her smithy is busy from sun-up to sun down. Most of the work is mundane items normal to a town of Brindinfords size and handled by one of her many skilled apprentices. Aesa takes care of any exotic jobs including weapon and armor work herself.

She is taller and haler than most men, with a hot temper and a propensity to express herself passionately when angered. Her vocabulary is as expansive as a sailor and she suffers fools not at all. Worst though are the men that think they can pull one over on her because of her gender, for them she holds nothing back and many a man has left shaken to his core at best from one of her tirades. All this aside Aesa is for the most part friendly to all that enter her courtyards and an upstanding and valued member of the community.

She appears to be in her twenties but the few times she speaks of her homeland or times before coming to Brindinford give one to think she is much older. She is particularly quiet on her history avoiding direct questions or answering in well known generalizations. On occasions, usually during festivals she may reveal a harrowing story of her past adventures or the history of a particular tattoo. Unlike most Nemmadians who favor simple black stripes Aesa’s tattoos are colorful braids and characters.

Occasionally Aesa is visited by a hulking Nemmadian man known only as Norrick. He stays for a few weeks then disappears for several months at a time. It is well known that Aesa and Norrick are lovers though it does not seem to be an exclusive relationship for Aesa has had serveral other romantic liaisons. Though after Norrick’s last visit Aesa departed with him, putting the run of the smithy in the capable hands of her partner Kral Jorun a Dun-Ador.

It was mentioned by Ullyff Blackmane to the rest of the party that he believes Aesa and Norrick are named men from his homelands and none other than The Bloody Nine (Norrick) and the Widowmaker (Aesa) both the children of King Ovar the third and banished for attempting to usurp him. This rumor has not been substantiated but if its true they could be the two most dangerous and deadly of Nemmadia’s Named and have a reputation for carnage and bloodshed on such a scale that half of Nemmadia holds a blood grudge against one or the other for some lost loved one.

Aesa the Smith

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