Cold Steel Hot Blood

Session 17 The Togg Horde and the Shrine to Glariss

roadside distratcion leads to wayward trip to the moon.

Game played on November 16 2013
In game date: Wealday 3rd of Languel Second month of Summer

The logging party breaks down tents and loads the wagons at the old bandit camp along the narrow yet swift tributary to the Turant river. This is the same site where the Heroes of Brindinford performed their first act of valor in freeing Farmer Yans kidnapped wife and daughter from nefarious scoundrels who were inclined to sell them to dark cultists known only as “the harvesters.” This same location was used as a camp site on a subsequent venture into the wilds of “the old Duchy” to confront the previously mentioned band of dark cultists. Thus the area and this camp site in particular is becoming very familiar to the Heroes.

The slow moving caravan only makes it to the ruined temple where tents are put back up and camp made in a very orderly and efficient process only accomplished by hands well trained and leaders well versed in administration. While this busy work is going on the Heroes or rather Kong-ru and Genin investigate the ruined white marble temple, the same temple they had found the recovering adventurers in months past. This time they plan on giving the ruins a good once over and in the process Genin finds a silver necklace on an old stone statue. He can’t help himself and reaches out to slide the necklace off coming up with a way to do it without touching it with his skin. Once removed to his surprise nothing happens, no poison darts, no falling rocks no statue coming to life. Feeling the threat gone he picks the necklace up with his hand and immediately falls comatose.

Kong-Ru is uncertain if he is even alive and after a few moments of checking with his rudimentary skills determines he is most likely dead. He goes to inform the rest of the companions of the disaster. Meanwhile Genin is shot into the air, out of his body, he rises up into the sky, into the clouds, above the clouds, beyond the planet before settling on a barren grey moonscape standing before a massive grey stone pyramid. The lighting is a thing of contrast, deep dark shadows of no light and blinding flat white light with no gradient between. He notes he is not dreaming and feels compelled to climb the hundreds of large steps to the apex of the Pyramid where a columned gallery has been built.

I will leave the details of the moonscape encounter to Genin if he feels obliging.

Iblis was brought to Genin’s body and using his careful study of the healing arts he determined that Genin yet still lived and had no apparent wounds, only time would tell if he would wake again, curiously try as they might they were unable to release his vice like grip upon the offending necklace. Iblis stayed vigil over the laid out rogue meanwhile the rest of the camp began to turn in leaving only the conscious companions and a few lingering woodsmen sharing wineskins and swapping stories around small campfires.

Hours later Genin returns to his body but not before getting a glance at the surrounding area through the lingering bird’s eye view enchantment Kong-Ru placed upon him. The woods around the ruins and the glade the caravan was camped in seemed to team with life. Small almost child sized creatures lurked and wound their way through the wetland fronds and brush each wielding crude yet wicked blades. Genin awoke with alarm on his lips crying out and startling the near asleep Iblis. Then from all directions the creatures began to swarm as if being drawn to the center of the camp.

On one flank Genin and Iblis tied up a squad one attacking with surprise on his side the other using tactics, his larger legs and his new found skill in the bow. On the other side of the camp Rosalio made the prudent choice to hastily don his armor while Kong-Ru set out to defend the camp after being roused by the cries of alarm. Ullyff, ever the deep-sleeper, dozed through the entire conflict. Kong-Ru and Rosalio laid waste to the assailants coming from the east with mighty gusts of wind that threw the goblins back into rocks and trees and the snick—snick—snick of the swordsman’s deadly blade.

With the assistance of a few of the more brave lumbermen the fight soon turned and the surviving Togg’s made for the safety of the marshy and dark wetlands. Iblis performed feats of triage while the corpses were gathered and burned in a massive pyre. None in this camp slept for the remainder of the night.

Often it was heard that Togg’s in such a vast number are very rare, there must be a sizable settling nearby for a raiding party of such size to be out and about, and this close to Brindinford, undoubtedly foul tidings. The few lumbermen who raised issue or complaint were talked away from departing by the lure of wealth that the expedition was to provide. However many were the grumbles that they singed up to log and were told the largest threat would be the mercenaries(bandits) rumored to be hired by Whedon Fennel to harass honest lumbermen, and that monsters of myth were more than they bargained for. Marco gave a rousing speech calling out the bravery of the heroes and citing their strengths in both sword and magic and how easily they handled the threat even outnumbered four to one. This went along way to settling the men’s nerve.

Camp was broken early that morning and before dawn the large wagons some that carried the wounded and the exhausted caster were moving down the gentle grassy slopes towards Heward’s ford of the Turant River.

Next Episode: Hellish Hounds.


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