Cold Steel Hot Blood

Session 16

Genin's thoughts

Like usual Genin pens out his thoughts only to burn them in a exercise of self examination.

Waking up to hearing one of my house mates screaming only to find trespassers isn’t something I had thought of. And for that I suppose I am amateur. I thought about locking up my things but that was more from from my companions. Now I have to think on a bigger scale. I have to think this through. Is some kind of balance I can maintain of what they can know. But tonight we had 3 people here, one dead, and prisoners. I suppose we could have had three to start but we didn’t really need that many. I knew we only had that night to settle the matter with an interrogation before the loggers start arriving. I could even take that info and act on it that night going into town if I had good info.

But, I honestly hate interrogations. Is there anything more antithesis of an assassin than an interrogation? A birth maybe? I suppose every job has dirty work sometimes that just has to be done to get to the final goal. And when you don’t have time to do it properly it just is doomed from the start. So from the start I didn’t think it was going to go far. They’ll either tell the truth which probably isn’t much, or lie until the end. Or first prisoners taught me that. The better way for info is face to face trickery. It always has and always will be.

And slitting the throat of one of them finally felt like I was doing what I was supposed to. I suppose I did it of of protection and really more convenience, but also out of frustration. So many times it seems I can’t measure up in a brawl. It is what I am. And one of them saw me do it. But not a word came from him. Then later when we have two of them tied up, one of them puts them out of their bloody toothy misery. I suppose it wasn’t conscious. But still their rage and violence condones a death, and reality law would call it murder. I’ll remind them of that if they ever question my morality. I wonder when that day will come. Maybe Rosalio is more on my level than the others.

The interrogation unfold only to find out the most useful person with info was the one Rosalio just put down. A man named Zok pays them well to pilfer a necklace from my companion that we got from Ulther’s. How did he know we had it. How did he know Kong Ru had it. Everyone knew we went to St Ulther’s but I bet Kong Ru must have bragged while in town. Hmm, it could have been anyone he talked to in town or while overheard, or a girl he might be chasing.

But why would this Zok guy want the item? Is he a middle man for jobs out of the Watering Stone as Chies said he hired them? Is there an organization behind this? Is there a thieves guild? I have to know, and it’s time to spend some off hours in The Water Stone. I’ve kept my reputation clean until now. The question now lies on whether do I do it as an alternate persona or as Genin?

The time we spend questioning Chies makes me wonder about the level of talent in Brindenford. Are these last two break-ins using cheap less traceable labor or is all there is? Is this something that could be controlled? There has to be someone pulling the strings in that sphere, there just has to be. I suppose I will have to find out. Either time spent at the Water Stone or the Alchemist.

And Chies, I wonder, he will steal for money. He will put up a fight if he has to. He didn’t run when things went bad. What else will he do? How much does he feel indebted for his transgression. If it weighs on him I can use that as motivation to do things. But now that the others seemed to go for the idea of working off his mistakes it doubt I could hold that over his head. I still need a few people in my pocket who won’t ask questions for later tasks. I wonder what skills he has. Is he as innocent as he says he is. The last prisoners tried the same thing. Maybe he is in the thieves guild. Maybe he is an assassin. Or maybe I can make him one or the other. This trip will be interesting. I still need to find more leverage over him. He wouldn’t give any up under questioning. I should have checked out his living space that night, but chances are I couldn’t check with neighbors at that time of night.

The timing of all this. Nothing ever works out conveniently.

The paper burns in the fire as it stokes the thought in Genin’s mind for what he has to do from here on out.


Good insight into the way Genin thinks and it explains his actions well. Bravo.

Session 16
Aphexs Kovid

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