Cold Steel Hot Blood

Session 12 from the Journal of Genin.

  • As Before Genin continues to write things down to gather his thoughts and then burns it to ash for confidentiality. **

Session 12

I got out to the light of day but I can’t say I am not sure what is better, the depths below, or the wild forest and its’ crawly denizens? But the chaos underneath might have been best to get away from. But is it residual, or is it emanating from something below? And Rosalio who is beat up still has to sit down for a bite to eat in the middle of the wilderness when we are a short walk from town and a better meal. But then the caterpillar makes easy food. Surprisingly decent actually.

Then the morals creep up and Iblis asks if we are going to return the items of the Great Church to them. Looks like I still need to work on him. I suppose a Denal adept would take some work to separate them from his simple views and open his viewpoint. After all we could use the money on the black market or even use the tools of the trade to make a good costume. Maybe it’s time work on a stash somewhere on the farm. There are some things that need to go to me and be secure. Noted.

I was hoping to have the caterpillar head make a good trophy for the homestead over the door. The extracts from the caterpillar will make great tools for the trade. I will feel better at using what stocks I do have when I know I can refill them. And then dragging the monster through town also has a nice side effect for a little renown amongst the town.

The town took to the monster as I expected. I could have hammed it up a bit more by making a spectacle of the body and espouse the exploits of my companions. But again its that choice of putting myself out in the public more than I already do and what the consequences are. Fame and anonymity are not simple things. These thoughts keep bothering me on which path is wise in my endeavors here.

I was happy to finally visit the apothecary. My companions’ state was the perfect excuse to visit. It just seemed awkward to visit before and drift to the topic of poisons. It would have been nicer to find out what level of service the apothecary provides. Without any underground ties it’s a gamble in a foreign town and I don’t need to end up on the wrong side of the local constable. It was a relief to finally get Modesto alone and work a deal with him. It’s just unfortunate that some of the material had to be used for an antidote. But I’ll charge that is a price to pay for a good cover.


Aphexs Aphexs

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