Cold Steel Hot Blood

Session 11 Journal - Genin

  • Genin writes his thoughts to paper to work things out in his head and practice his skills at writing, only to burn the paper to have it never get in anyone’s hands. **

St Ulther’s is point of interest and if I to do anything for the reason I am here I best be checking things out. Motivating my companions took a little longer than I wanted to initially but the place wasn’t moving so at the time I was only mildly disappointed. Either way they agreed to check things out and I no longer have to go solo.

We head over to what was a trap door only to find it wide open and the structure below drinking in the pool of water pouring down. More water, less spiders right? The curiosity in me wants to see what is down there, but I don’t want to be the one jumping into the fire and being the first to go down. I’ve had enough. Sure enough, one of the others volunteers. Better him than me. Down a rope and onto the rocks below and the darkness. Soon after Rosalio goes in trouble starts. But I expected thugs, not giant centipedes!

Being ready with a thowing knife I launch it only to have it clink off and break off the hard carapace. Thick zombie hides, tough skeleton bones, I am sick of this. Frustrating. Our healer desperately throws a rock in vein, which gives me the idea of grabbing a heavier rock and dropping it on the monster below if he stays where he is. But in the time I grab a piece and lurch it over it moved. I was in no hurry to jump down and really despite it’s size I didn’t think it would put down Rosalio. But then if it did really it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Iblis has pulled me from the brink a few times, I imagine it wouldn’t be too much trouble.

But I need to do something so I don’t look worthless amongst the others. It’s a short drop but the rocks and water make it difficult. My practicing lately of jumping should make this routine I figure. Terrible luck I seem to have on such matters. Just like that time I tried to jump on the back of the horse. I suppose it makes it look I am less skilled to my companions than I really am. Maybe that could be useful?

So I jump down recklessly and roll to break the fall but get my ankle caught and spraining it. But in short time the centipede is down with little help from me. Since the creature is occupied with other targets it is safe to go in and try to bring my sword to the game. And since there are others, hopefully it goes after them instead. But again my scimitar gets smack back once, misses the next time. Before I get another chance it is down. The help does their job.

Looking around we go around and see the bodies of the corpses left behind. These feral Toggs… what brought them here? Did they come for the keystone? The others seem to find rummaging of bodies distasteful. A few copper here and there will pay for a drink or two. And then who knows what I find.

A metal cylinder capped with wire. I wonder what the liquid is. Fortunately I find a replacement for my throwing knife. A corpse seems to look like St Ulther post-zombie and walking about, long dead. He no longer needs his jewelry, his medallion and dagger. I wonder what I could do with them?

Wandering around the caverns we find the real sarcophagus and the fake, and even his wife. Going through the wife’s stuff I wonder if they object. Turns out they made no mention. It’s good to see them relax their stigmas against such things. And Kong Ru mastery saves us from the trap set. The bottle with the liquid also is an enigma. I need a guinea pig.


Aphexs Aphexs

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