Cold Steel Hot Blood

Season 2 Session 1: Back to Brindinford

We Pick up our game with the Heroes returned from their logging operation with Marco and his lumber lads. This session was spent pretty much getting reacquainted with each other and the city of Brindinford while laying out the groundwork for some future plots.

Events of Interest.

Iron Fist returned, claiming to have been captured and to have escaped and adventured with the Aesa the Smith and her companion (brother?? and possible lover??) the Bloody Five. Details are vague but he returned with a nice horse some coin and a new bracelet.

The Gray Ranks have set up a triage camp on the west side of Brindinford just outside the city along the road to the Bryson’s Wood and the Hero’s farmstead. It appears that their is fighting to the north as Whedon Fennels mercenaries attack the Horned Lord and his minions. Iblis ventures to the camp to provide whatever healing arts he can, and meets Lieutenant Petronilla Lyda a Denul caster of exceptional ability. She greets the caster and thanks him for his interest in assisting the stricken troops. They share tea and speak of the confrontation against the Horned Lord. The wounds Iblis tends to all seem to be caused by thorned vines? It is a short meeting as it is clear that Petronilla is fatigued from constant casting. Iblis makes a sympathetic contact and possible mentor that may come in handy at a later date.

Genin ventures into into Brindinford disguised, he notices a new constable in town. Heading to Four Cap Toms his disguise is easily seen through by the ever vigilant Jaq. Genin learns much from the bartender. Whedon Fennel’s Mercenaries are fighting a loosing battle against primal forces of the forest led by the Horned Lord. The fight started after a delegation of diplomats led by Constable Errow was returned to the Grey Ranks heads detached. There are grumblings of discontent from some of the soldiers that have watered at Four Cap Toms. Jaq and Genin get into a debate on activism within the power struggle in Brindinford but leave on good terms with Jaq informing Genin that Whedon Fennel is aware of some “guerrilla” lumber operations that have taken place and that their are rumors that the Heroes best be on the watch, also if they come across any more edible and exotic meats he is interested.

A young dark robed man of uncertain descent arrives at the Heroes farm during their interviews. He introduces himself as Erasmos Giselbert. It is clear to Genin that this man offered more than just common laborer skills and with the departure of Ulyff to live with his current fling in Brindford proper an extra sword arm might be just the thing needed particularly after Jaq’s warning. Erasmos is informally invited to the group. (thanks Kovid for making that work)

Just as the interviews are completed a large wagon rolls into the farmyard and a middle aged woman with red hair and a pack of children arrive. She hails from the nearby village of West View and has just come from the Constables who could not spare the men to investigate a freak fire. She is from a convent\orphanage dedicated to the goddess Ronta. Apparently somebody has burned the shrine to the godess down and their is some evidence that this might be more supernatural than conventional. The events in West View peak the interests of the Heroes and they agree to look into it. Dio can not offer them coin in return but she hints that some form of compensation most likely in the form of labor or goods could come the Heroes way if they investigate plus the adoration of a second population center.

We will pick up next session with the players preparing to make the short fifteen mile trip from Brindinford to West View.


Aphexs Aphexs

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