Cold Steel Hot Blood

Season 2 Session 1: Back to Brindinford

We Pick up our game with the Heroes returned from their logging operation with Marco and his lumber lads. This session was spent pretty much getting reacquainted with each other and the city of Brindinford while laying out the groundwork for some future plots.

Events of Interest.

Iron Fist returned, claiming to have been captured and to have escaped and adventured with the Aesa the Smith and her companion (brother?? and possible lover??) the Bloody Five. Details are vague but he returned with a nice horse some coin and a new bracelet.

The Gray Ranks have set up a triage camp on the west side of Brindinford just outside the city along the road to the Bryson’s Wood and the Hero’s farmstead. It appears that their is fighting to the north as Whedon Fennels mercenaries attack the Horned Lord and his minions. Iblis ventures to the camp to provide whatever healing arts he can, and meets Lieutenant Petronilla Lyda a Denul caster of exceptional ability. She greets the caster and thanks him for his interest in assisting the stricken troops. They share tea and speak of the confrontation against the Horned Lord. The wounds Iblis tends to all seem to be caused by thorned vines? It is a short meeting as it is clear that Petronilla is fatigued from constant casting. Iblis makes a sympathetic contact and possible mentor that may come in handy at a later date.

Genin ventures into into Brindinford disguised, he notices a new constable in town. Heading to Four Cap Toms his disguise is easily seen through by the ever vigilant Jaq. Genin learns much from the bartender. Whedon Fennel’s Mercenaries are fighting a loosing battle against primal forces of the forest led by the Horned Lord. The fight started after a delegation of diplomats led by Constable Errow was returned to the Grey Ranks heads detached. There are grumblings of discontent from some of the soldiers that have watered at Four Cap Toms. Jaq and Genin get into a debate on activism within the power struggle in Brindinford but leave on good terms with Jaq informing Genin that Whedon Fennel is aware of some “guerrilla” lumber operations that have taken place and that their are rumors that the Heroes best be on the watch, also if they come across any more edible and exotic meats he is interested.

A young dark robed man of uncertain descent arrives at the Heroes farm during their interviews. He introduces himself as Erasmos Giselbert. It is clear to Genin that this man offered more than just common laborer skills and with the departure of Ulyff to live with his current fling in Brindford proper an extra sword arm might be just the thing needed particularly after Jaq’s warning. Erasmos is informally invited to the group. (thanks Kovid for making that work)

Just as the interviews are completed a large wagon rolls into the farmyard and a middle aged woman with red hair and a pack of children arrive. She hails from the nearby village of West View and has just come from the Constables who could not spare the men to investigate a freak fire. She is from a convent\orphanage dedicated to the goddess Ronta. Apparently somebody has burned the shrine to the godess down and their is some evidence that this might be more supernatural than conventional. The events in West View peak the interests of the Heroes and they agree to look into it. Dio can not offer them coin in return but she hints that some form of compensation most likely in the form of labor or goods could come the Heroes way if they investigate plus the adoration of a second population center.

We will pick up next session with the players preparing to make the short fifteen mile trip from Brindinford to West View.

Brindinford Post
A summary of people, places and events in the Brindinford area.

I thought I would post up a summary of some the events, people, places and plots that seem to be brewing in the Brindinford area since the players have arrived and taken residence.

Whedon Fennel

Whedon Fennel is a well known self-styled Lumber Baron. He owns a large portion of Brindinford homes and shops and has been attempting to take control of the town government since before the players arrived in town. He claims to be a direct descendant of the Chordiles (The ruling noble family whose domain this was prior to the Great Sundering) though he has produced no tangible evidence and even if he did its a toss up how the people of Brindinford and the surrounding small villages would take to a return to noble rule.

Whedon Fennel has his cronies comprise half of the Brindinford City Council, he would have a full majority after the sacking of former Constable Leynord Whitson however Gellow Iris’s removal as Dean of the Great Church evened the scales. But things seem to be getting desperate. Whedon Fennel has hired a company of mercenaries known as the Gray Ranks they are several hundred strong, he claims he has retained them to protect Brindinford but many speculate that he will use them to lay “noble” claim to the region.

The Gray Ranks have been noticeably absent from Brindinford for the last three weeks, other than small patrols the main host has not been seen for some time.

Gellow Iris

Gellow Iris is the former Dean of the Great Church in Brindinford. He was outspoken in his suspicions of the players upon their arrival but after his kidnapping by The Harvesters and his rescue by the players he has been sequestered in his home. It is rumored that the duress of his encounter has caused him to go mad. His replacement a stern yet more reasonable woman named Sillitta Ederus has thanked the players for their involvement and shown some interest in their activities. Particularly in their investigation of Saint Ulthor’s Ruins. Sillitta Ederus has been raised to the Brindinford City Council and is allied with the Mayor’s power block.

The Old Cemetery

was the site of the players daring rescue of Gellow Iris and confrontation with the reborn leader of The Harvesters Joyenz the Butcher. They discovered that Joyenze had opened a small but gateway to the Warren of Drakend. A contingent from the Great Church led by Sillitta Ederus used what power and artifacts they could muster to place a magical barrier that will keep the powers of death and undeath locked within the cemeteries wrought-Iron and stone walls or so they say. The hero Iblis’s cursory investigation found the wards they used to create the barrier but was left with a suspicion that they may only hold so long. Sillitta pressed Iblis about their investigation of Saint Ulthor’s Ruins in hopes that the group had recovered Saint Ulthor’s Bastion Key, as she suspects that the artifact itself may hold the secrets to closing the open warren.

The Harvesters and the Congregation of the Dead

The Harvesters were the casters responsible for attacks in and around Brindinford, they were responsible for brigands kidnapping men, women and children for sacrifice to their dark faith. The Players dispatched them at their temple in the wilderness north of Brindinford but were surprised when their victory dinner was interrupted by an attack by skeletons bursting out of Ale kegs and dark casters in the taproom. All of which seemed to be a smoke screen for the kidnapping of Gellow Iris. The resulting fight destroyed the cult locally except for a single caster who was knocked out during the bar fight and was not to be found after the horse and wagon chase…. could he be out there planning revenge or further plotting against the good people of Brindinford?

The Congregation of the Dead are the lay practitioners of the faith, they are secretive of their faith but evidence seems to abound that the Congregation has a foot hold in Brindinford.

That other Adventuring Party

The players ran into another adventuring party in the wilds north of Brindinford they were triaging in an old destroyed temple, they claimed to have attempted to enter the ruins below Chordile Keep but were chased away by minions of the Chaos Host. With the assistance of Iblis’s healing they were able to make it back to Brindinford where they stayed at the Lost Shepherd Inn.
Rumors circulated later during a festive moment after much drinking that they were actually hired by agents of Whedon Fennel to find artifacts and objects of antiquity that belonged to Duchess Chordile. The group moved on soon thereafter though their direction, north or south is unknown.

The Ruins of Chordile Keep

Located several days north of Brindinford is what was once the center of the Duchy of Chordile, today it is a massive stone ruin over a massive underground network of passages, rooms and tunnels. It is frequently the target of adventuring groups who just as frequently are never seen from again.

Ruins of Hillcrest – The Gnoles

After being ambushed by the strange dog faced men (Gnoles) and their bestial four eyed and putrid jackals Rosalio and Genin tracked them back to what may be a lair. High up in the hills they followed an old paved road as it switched back and forth ascending a steep slope. Until overhead they caught the remains of a ruined stone tower, Rosalio held back and Genin moved along the shadows for a closer look. A single Gnole sentry is all that was visible on the tower. Genin prudently returned to Rosalio and they rode to catch up to the group. Later after speaking with the loggers they confirmed that their once was an old village up on the high hill. A quarry town named Hillcrest it has been unoccupied since the fall of Duchy of Chordile. But it was known as a source of sturdy limestone and now, apparently Gnoles.


A stranger to Brindinford that hired a bunch of strongmen and thieves to recover the Ulther Bastion Key from Kong-Ru, the men nearly got away with it but in the end all but one were slain. The sole survivor Chies, a youth of sixteen years who was clearly in over his head, had his sentence suspended and put to work on the lumber crew, with the promise of leniency if he turns away from a life of crime and towards honest work.

Chies claimed that he and the other fellas were hired a few nights back by a stranger at the Waterstone (the nefarious dockside tavern ….. with a door….). The stranger said his name was Xoc had a strange accent and spoke rather quietly, he had a blade with a long hilt on his back was dressed in very fine clothing and smelled peculiarly of birds.

Old Gar’Oth

Upon returning to the land south of the old battlefield known as Falan Fields the players investigated the peculiar hidden plot of opiates they discovered on their previous trek. In the light of day a track that was followed a mile to the south where they discovered a single thatch hut and small shack/animal pen. An old curmudgeon of a man gnarled with age seemed to be having an argument (and losing) with a mule, he seemed oblivious to the party and seemingly harmless so they approached. About thirty feet from the small homestead they encountered an anomaly that disturbed the casters. An invisible field that once they crossed completely disconnected them from their Warren access. The mad man then took notice of them and lived up to his image spouting gibbering loudly, and usually incomprehensibly. With the casters nervous the player delegation made tracks but not before learning that the hidden plants were this mans and that he himself was some kind of alchemist. Though the safety and availability of his concoctions was never ascertained.

Bear Trap Ambush

Scattered across the nearly overgrown old road the lumber party followed were a dozen strong steel bear traps all set to go off. Thankfully the party scouts identified them before too much harm was caused. Who and Why they were set in an area that was also obviously used by non-bear traffic is unknown. The scouts did find evidence of massive bear tracks in the area however leading along a muddy trail perpendicular to the “road” they traveled.

Shrine to Glariss

The old ruin that the players first stumbled across when chasing The Harvesters and their captives. This old temple was also where they first encountered “The Other Adventuring Group”. It is a temple to Glariss, an old local deity or power worshiped in the fallen Duchy of Chordile and decreed a pagan faith by The Great Church. Not much is known of her other than her worshipers celebrated high holy days below the light of a full moon. It was also revealed that another of Glariss’s aspects is the Goddess of Dreams and that she has a brother who is also an Ascended power named Eldraiss the keeper of the Wilds.

The parties second visit to the temple was made with the lumbermen and a camp was set up at the location. Genin touched some artifact on a statue in the temple and was struck down and thought dead by Kong-Ru. He experienced an out of body event that shocked his system. Several hours past before he returned to his senses to shout alarm. A large contingent of Togg’s was creeping on the camp from all sides, a desperate fight broke out that ultimately left the party victorious but why had the Togg’s attacked in such large numbers? And what really happened to Genin?


An abandoned town in the wilds north of Brindinford at the center of this empty village sits an odd octagonal building with arched entrances at each of the cardinal directions. The roof of the Building is an ornate Brass Dove. At the center of the chamber is an octagonal dais and an octagonal altar with a very large multifaceted (100s) crystal set in it. The entire town is seemingly enchanted and protected from harsh elements or monstrosities, this protection however aflicts Kong-Ru with migraines and uncontrollable fits whenever he opens his warren or fondles with the St. Ulther Bastion Key. Who and what the temple were once used for is a mystery. The lumbermen plan on using this as the shipping camp, a safe location where logs can be gathered and launched into the river for transport back to the players farm.

Havest and Gitt

Havest is a particularly ugly halfling dressed in old Myloxian officers garb and his massive pet/companion pig named Gitt. They wandered into Haven to offer prayers at the temple and share wine with the players and lumbermen. I am pretty sure Havest spoke of an army he had spotted some 30 miles to the east. “Rows and Rows of pretty white tents and many pretty young men all dancing about.” Banners with Gray Shields flew high. He may have also given some information about the town of Haven and the temple itself but I cant find or remember those notes so if you do please add a comment to this post with the appropriate information.

Probably more as I remember it.

Brrrrrrrr.........What a long winter
Should we get this going again.

Finally have the urge to run some games again. This could go many different ways depending on the will of the players. We could pick up the story where we left off, we could finish the current story arc in narrative form and start with a new arc/location, we could create new characters and start in a new part of the world with a new story entirely. Or we could try a new system either on Aerth or another world. I have at least a dozen game systems I am dieing to try out and play.

If your interested in getting back into it respond in the general forum and we will see what we can get going.

Sorry for the long absence but in the imortal words of Gary Jackson……“The game must go on,”

Game is going on Hiatus

I am experiencing GM burnout and am having trouble finding the motivation to run this game right now. Therefore I propose a break in the action while I recharge my batteries. I will be coming back and I will be running another game be it the continuation of this or something entirely different. Best case scenario would be that one of you pick up the reigns and runs a game for a short duration but I know that’s not always easy.

Therefore Cold Steel Hot blood is on break until I call you back to the table. Sorry folks, but as I am sure any of you that have GMed know this sort of thing is inevitable.

Session 17 The Togg Horde and the Shrine to Glariss
roadside distratcion leads to wayward trip to the moon.

Game played on November 16 2013
In game date: Wealday 3rd of Languel Second month of Summer

The logging party breaks down tents and loads the wagons at the old bandit camp along the narrow yet swift tributary to the Turant river. This is the same site where the Heroes of Brindinford performed their first act of valor in freeing Farmer Yans kidnapped wife and daughter from nefarious scoundrels who were inclined to sell them to dark cultists known only as “the harvesters.” This same location was used as a camp site on a subsequent venture into the wilds of “the old Duchy” to confront the previously mentioned band of dark cultists. Thus the area and this camp site in particular is becoming very familiar to the Heroes.

The slow moving caravan only makes it to the ruined temple where tents are put back up and camp made in a very orderly and efficient process only accomplished by hands well trained and leaders well versed in administration. While this busy work is going on the Heroes or rather Kong-ru and Genin investigate the ruined white marble temple, the same temple they had found the recovering adventurers in months past. This time they plan on giving the ruins a good once over and in the process Genin finds a silver necklace on an old stone statue. He can’t help himself and reaches out to slide the necklace off coming up with a way to do it without touching it with his skin. Once removed to his surprise nothing happens, no poison darts, no falling rocks no statue coming to life. Feeling the threat gone he picks the necklace up with his hand and immediately falls comatose.

Kong-Ru is uncertain if he is even alive and after a few moments of checking with his rudimentary skills determines he is most likely dead. He goes to inform the rest of the companions of the disaster. Meanwhile Genin is shot into the air, out of his body, he rises up into the sky, into the clouds, above the clouds, beyond the planet before settling on a barren grey moonscape standing before a massive grey stone pyramid. The lighting is a thing of contrast, deep dark shadows of no light and blinding flat white light with no gradient between. He notes he is not dreaming and feels compelled to climb the hundreds of large steps to the apex of the Pyramid where a columned gallery has been built.

I will leave the details of the moonscape encounter to Genin if he feels obliging.

Iblis was brought to Genin’s body and using his careful study of the healing arts he determined that Genin yet still lived and had no apparent wounds, only time would tell if he would wake again, curiously try as they might they were unable to release his vice like grip upon the offending necklace. Iblis stayed vigil over the laid out rogue meanwhile the rest of the camp began to turn in leaving only the conscious companions and a few lingering woodsmen sharing wineskins and swapping stories around small campfires.

Hours later Genin returns to his body but not before getting a glance at the surrounding area through the lingering bird’s eye view enchantment Kong-Ru placed upon him. The woods around the ruins and the glade the caravan was camped in seemed to team with life. Small almost child sized creatures lurked and wound their way through the wetland fronds and brush each wielding crude yet wicked blades. Genin awoke with alarm on his lips crying out and startling the near asleep Iblis. Then from all directions the creatures began to swarm as if being drawn to the center of the camp.

On one flank Genin and Iblis tied up a squad one attacking with surprise on his side the other using tactics, his larger legs and his new found skill in the bow. On the other side of the camp Rosalio made the prudent choice to hastily don his armor while Kong-Ru set out to defend the camp after being roused by the cries of alarm. Ullyff, ever the deep-sleeper, dozed through the entire conflict. Kong-Ru and Rosalio laid waste to the assailants coming from the east with mighty gusts of wind that threw the goblins back into rocks and trees and the snick—snick—snick of the swordsman’s deadly blade.

With the assistance of a few of the more brave lumbermen the fight soon turned and the surviving Togg’s made for the safety of the marshy and dark wetlands. Iblis performed feats of triage while the corpses were gathered and burned in a massive pyre. None in this camp slept for the remainder of the night.

Often it was heard that Togg’s in such a vast number are very rare, there must be a sizable settling nearby for a raiding party of such size to be out and about, and this close to Brindinford, undoubtedly foul tidings. The few lumbermen who raised issue or complaint were talked away from departing by the lure of wealth that the expedition was to provide. However many were the grumbles that they singed up to log and were told the largest threat would be the mercenaries(bandits) rumored to be hired by Whedon Fennel to harass honest lumbermen, and that monsters of myth were more than they bargained for. Marco gave a rousing speech calling out the bravery of the heroes and citing their strengths in both sword and magic and how easily they handled the threat even outnumbered four to one. This went along way to settling the men’s nerve.

Camp was broken early that morning and before dawn the large wagons some that carried the wounded and the exhausted caster were moving down the gentle grassy slopes towards Heward’s ford of the Turant River.

Next Episode: Hellish Hounds.

Session 16
Genin's thoughts

Like usual Genin pens out his thoughts only to burn them in a exercise of self examination.

Waking up to hearing one of my house mates screaming only to find trespassers isn’t something I had thought of. And for that I suppose I am amateur. I thought about locking up my things but that was more from from my companions. Now I have to think on a bigger scale. I have to think this through. Is some kind of balance I can maintain of what they can know. But tonight we had 3 people here, one dead, and prisoners. I suppose we could have had three to start but we didn’t really need that many. I knew we only had that night to settle the matter with an interrogation before the loggers start arriving. I could even take that info and act on it that night going into town if I had good info.

But, I honestly hate interrogations. Is there anything more antithesis of an assassin than an interrogation? A birth maybe? I suppose every job has dirty work sometimes that just has to be done to get to the final goal. And when you don’t have time to do it properly it just is doomed from the start. So from the start I didn’t think it was going to go far. They’ll either tell the truth which probably isn’t much, or lie until the end. Or first prisoners taught me that. The better way for info is face to face trickery. It always has and always will be.

And slitting the throat of one of them finally felt like I was doing what I was supposed to. I suppose I did it of of protection and really more convenience, but also out of frustration. So many times it seems I can’t measure up in a brawl. It is what I am. And one of them saw me do it. But not a word came from him. Then later when we have two of them tied up, one of them puts them out of their bloody toothy misery. I suppose it wasn’t conscious. But still their rage and violence condones a death, and reality law would call it murder. I’ll remind them of that if they ever question my morality. I wonder when that day will come. Maybe Rosalio is more on my level than the others.

The interrogation unfold only to find out the most useful person with info was the one Rosalio just put down. A man named Zok pays them well to pilfer a necklace from my companion that we got from Ulther’s. How did he know we had it. How did he know Kong Ru had it. Everyone knew we went to St Ulther’s but I bet Kong Ru must have bragged while in town. Hmm, it could have been anyone he talked to in town or while overheard, or a girl he might be chasing.

But why would this Zok guy want the item? Is he a middle man for jobs out of the Watering Stone as Chies said he hired them? Is there an organization behind this? Is there a thieves guild? I have to know, and it’s time to spend some off hours in The Water Stone. I’ve kept my reputation clean until now. The question now lies on whether do I do it as an alternate persona or as Genin?

The time we spend questioning Chies makes me wonder about the level of talent in Brindenford. Are these last two break-ins using cheap less traceable labor or is all there is? Is this something that could be controlled? There has to be someone pulling the strings in that sphere, there just has to be. I suppose I will have to find out. Either time spent at the Water Stone or the Alchemist.

And Chies, I wonder, he will steal for money. He will put up a fight if he has to. He didn’t run when things went bad. What else will he do? How much does he feel indebted for his transgression. If it weighs on him I can use that as motivation to do things. But now that the others seemed to go for the idea of working off his mistakes it doubt I could hold that over his head. I still need a few people in my pocket who won’t ask questions for later tasks. I wonder what skills he has. Is he as innocent as he says he is. The last prisoners tried the same thing. Maybe he is in the thieves guild. Maybe he is an assassin. Or maybe I can make him one or the other. This trip will be interesting. I still need to find more leverage over him. He wouldn’t give any up under questioning. I should have checked out his living space that night, but chances are I couldn’t check with neighbors at that time of night.

The timing of all this. Nothing ever works out conveniently.

The paper burns in the fire as it stokes the thought in Genin’s mind for what he has to do from here on out.

Session 12 Too Late?

Session Played September 14.

Starday 6th of Hespar the First Month of Summer.

On a bright and warm morning the companions strike out for the Ruins of St. Ulther’s tower. On their last visit to the ruined manor house they left some loose ends and unchecked corners (or doors to be exact). Additionally they were informed by Marco Rasholt, whom Iblis has paid to keep an eye on the place that several other factions seem to hold the place in interest. The first group was the evil cultists known only as the Harvesters who the band had routed from these parts several weeks ago. The second group was a gaggle of child sized people who wore ratty clothing and spoke in a maniacal high-pitched tongue that was unknown to the watcher. The two groups fought at the cellar entrance with the cultists loosing the fight and retreating but not before they exhumed a walking corpse from a fresh grave.

Session 12 from the Journal of Genin.
  • As Before Genin continues to write things down to gather his thoughts and then burns it to ash for confidentiality. **

Session 12

I got out to the light of day but I can’t say I am not sure what is better, the depths below, or the wild forest and its’ crawly denizens? But the chaos underneath might have been best to get away from. But is it residual, or is it emanating from something below? And Rosalio who is beat up still has to sit down for a bite to eat in the middle of the wilderness when we are a short walk from town and a better meal. But then the caterpillar makes easy food. Surprisingly decent actually.

Then the morals creep up and Iblis asks if we are going to return the items of the Great Church to them. Looks like I still need to work on him. I suppose a Denal adept would take some work to separate them from his simple views and open his viewpoint. After all we could use the money on the black market or even use the tools of the trade to make a good costume. Maybe it’s time work on a stash somewhere on the farm. There are some things that need to go to me and be secure. Noted.

I was hoping to have the caterpillar head make a good trophy for the homestead over the door. The extracts from the caterpillar will make great tools for the trade. I will feel better at using what stocks I do have when I know I can refill them. And then dragging the monster through town also has a nice side effect for a little renown amongst the town.

The town took to the monster as I expected. I could have hammed it up a bit more by making a spectacle of the body and espouse the exploits of my companions. But again its that choice of putting myself out in the public more than I already do and what the consequences are. Fame and anonymity are not simple things. These thoughts keep bothering me on which path is wise in my endeavors here.

I was happy to finally visit the apothecary. My companions’ state was the perfect excuse to visit. It just seemed awkward to visit before and drift to the topic of poisons. It would have been nicer to find out what level of service the apothecary provides. Without any underground ties it’s a gamble in a foreign town and I don’t need to end up on the wrong side of the local constable. It was a relief to finally get Modesto alone and work a deal with him. It’s just unfortunate that some of the material had to be used for an antidote. But I’ll charge that is a price to pay for a good cover.

Session 11 Journal - Genin
  • Genin writes his thoughts to paper to work things out in his head and practice his skills at writing, only to burn the paper to have it never get in anyone’s hands. **

St Ulther’s is point of interest and if I to do anything for the reason I am here I best be checking things out. Motivating my companions took a little longer than I wanted to initially but the place wasn’t moving so at the time I was only mildly disappointed. Either way they agreed to check things out and I no longer have to go solo.

We head over to what was a trap door only to find it wide open and the structure below drinking in the pool of water pouring down. More water, less spiders right? The curiosity in me wants to see what is down there, but I don’t want to be the one jumping into the fire and being the first to go down. I’ve had enough. Sure enough, one of the others volunteers. Better him than me. Down a rope and onto the rocks below and the darkness. Soon after Rosalio goes in trouble starts. But I expected thugs, not giant centipedes!

Being ready with a thowing knife I launch it only to have it clink off and break off the hard carapace. Thick zombie hides, tough skeleton bones, I am sick of this. Frustrating. Our healer desperately throws a rock in vein, which gives me the idea of grabbing a heavier rock and dropping it on the monster below if he stays where he is. But in the time I grab a piece and lurch it over it moved. I was in no hurry to jump down and really despite it’s size I didn’t think it would put down Rosalio. But then if it did really it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Iblis has pulled me from the brink a few times, I imagine it wouldn’t be too much trouble.

But I need to do something so I don’t look worthless amongst the others. It’s a short drop but the rocks and water make it difficult. My practicing lately of jumping should make this routine I figure. Terrible luck I seem to have on such matters. Just like that time I tried to jump on the back of the horse. I suppose it makes it look I am less skilled to my companions than I really am. Maybe that could be useful?

So I jump down recklessly and roll to break the fall but get my ankle caught and spraining it. But in short time the centipede is down with little help from me. Since the creature is occupied with other targets it is safe to go in and try to bring my sword to the game. And since there are others, hopefully it goes after them instead. But again my scimitar gets smack back once, misses the next time. Before I get another chance it is down. The help does their job.

Looking around we go around and see the bodies of the corpses left behind. These feral Toggs… what brought them here? Did they come for the keystone? The others seem to find rummaging of bodies distasteful. A few copper here and there will pay for a drink or two. And then who knows what I find.

A metal cylinder capped with wire. I wonder what the liquid is. Fortunately I find a replacement for my throwing knife. A corpse seems to look like St Ulther post-zombie and walking about, long dead. He no longer needs his jewelry, his medallion and dagger. I wonder what I could do with them?

Wandering around the caverns we find the real sarcophagus and the fake, and even his wife. Going through the wife’s stuff I wonder if they object. Turns out they made no mention. It’s good to see them relax their stigmas against such things. And Kong Ru mastery saves us from the trap set. The bottle with the liquid also is an enigma. I need a guinea pig.

Session 10 - Dungeon World Episode 1 - The Bird Whisperer

Session played 8/31/13

So with a couple players out this weekend we set Hackmaster aside and tried Dungeon World a game I have been raving about for quite some time. Character generation was quick and easy, requiring only the character sheet and about fifteen minutes.

Once characters were mostly made we moved on to working out some basics of the world and setting. We came up with an Empire governed by Titans, where the humans and halflings are at best considered tools but more often considered vermin in the eyes of their betters. Each of the ten Titans rules from a major city, controlling that city and all surrounding towns and villages. The wilderness in between the major cities is the domain of small pockets and communities of non-affiliated humans, halflings and the odd dwarf here and there. They live in constant fear of the machinations of the Titans and thus these communities are almost always located some distance from the Titans domain of control.


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