Welcome to the Cold Steel Hot Blood campaign home. This site is a repository of information about the people and places of our game world Aerth. You can also read campaign journals that cover the exploits of the party as they strive to make their way in the world. This campaign is run using a modified version of Hackmaster Fifth edition.

Our current play is located in the Eastern Wastes along the border of the Chaos Waste specifically in the small independent city of Brindinford. Maps of the known world, The Eastern Wastes, Brindinford and its immediate surroundings can be found on the Geography page.

Information about the various cultures that populate Aerth can be found here: The People of Aerth. A brief overview of the many countries here: Nations of Aerth. While details on the Gods both old and new can be found in the Faiths of Aerth section. Each Warren is briefly covered in the Warrens of Magic section and information about the Caster class and our homebrew magic system is detailed in the Caster Class section. Finally within the many entries of the Glossary I have tried to give a brief definition of names and places mentioned in the fiction and journal entries. In addition to hosting campaign maps the Geography section also is home to a slowly expanding collection of entries about places in Aerth.

A Note from the GM: Thanks for taking a look and/or participating in the game. I have been scribbling notes and campaign setting ideas for some time now and finally I have taken the leap into collecting it all into one place. Much of this setting is pulled from my favorite novels, other campaign settings or inspired by random art on the web so don’t be surprised if you come across something familiar. The more I think about it I feel like I am approaching campaign writing how I approached DJing. I am taking my favorite things from books, games, comics, etc, etc and mixing them down into a campaign.

Specific Nods to
Stephen Erickson and his Fall of the Malazan series of books. From which I have lifted the idea of Warren Magic, and the Eldar Races. His book are epic in scope incredibly thrilling and not so much fantasy as a tragedy told in the fantasy milieu.

Joe Abercrombie’s incredible books the First Law series and assorted novels that follow. So worth the read if you are into grim gritty fantasy.

Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey for the Thieves’ World books from which I have lifted an entire city and some minor history.

And many many more books and game companies such as Necromancer Games (now Frog God games), Atlas games, Paizo, Kenzer and Company, Wizards, etc, etc, etc and many many more.

Much of the format of this site is directly borrowed from or created following excellent guides by other Obsidian Portal members. At some point I will get around to crediting them properly, for now let me just say Thank You.

Change Log:
6-11-2014: Added NPC entry Aesa the Smith
6-09-2014: Updated Character Tags, Added NPC Chies
6-08-2014: Created Adventure Log entry that covers potential adventure paths in the Brindinford Area.
1-25-2014: Added Meanas Page to the Warrens of Magic.
1-17-2014: Limited edits on front page to compensate for the damages done by the re-forge"
1-15-2014: Added Session 17 Adventure Log Entry


Cold Steel Hot Blood

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